Friday, June 22, 2012

A temporary blog-revival

Things that has swamped me from the last time I've blogged until now, in no particular order:

Arts and Craft (This is made for sale!)

Cosplay plans (Taken last year at Comic Fiesta 2010)
Dorrie goodness (They're good for my soul! Hahahaha)
Friends!! Yumcha sessions!! Well, when I have the chance to see them all anyway
Weddings!! Congrats to my cousin and my new cousin-in-law! 

And last but not least.....


I have at least four draft posts to edit and publish but I'm procrastinating horribly *facepalm* hopefully I'll get them done eventually!

Also, I've probably missed out a few other factors but you get the gist of it! =P

Oh right! I will be setting up a booth at an upcoming craft bazaar in June selling those flowers I've been making (as seen in the photo above) with some friends of mine so do come and join in the craft fun if you can! =D

We will be at:

It's their One Year Anniversary too! =D
Directions how to get there. Click for a better view!
Tip: Look for 99Speedmart! The studio is above this shop =]
Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page for more updates too at Supplies Surprise! Bazaar ^.^

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