Friday, February 24, 2012

[Doll Talk] Post-Valentine Dollmeet Part 1

Last week, I managed to organize a Valentine dollmeet at Sunway Pyramid with other doll owners who could make it on that day. It was a wacky, fun-filled day (as usual) as we haven't really met up much over the past few months.

Photos were snapped non-stop almost as if we were all paparazzi for the day, and as usual, I attempted to get as many profile shots of the various dolls who were there during the dollmeet. Sadly, my own girl wasn't included cause she was...hiding at one corner 'sulking'. Ah well, here's the profile shots of the rest the dolls there! I don't think I managed to capture all of the attendees, but I'll be posting what I have :)

Our very own Valentine baby - January! Owner: JLostein

Sleepy little Maya. Owner: Saintaya

Sweet Shinku. Owner: Saintaya

Pretty Boy Yule/Yuu. Owner: Hammi

Spanish dancer of the day, Bartz. Owner: Crystal

The sweet yet grumpy-looking Ran. Owner: JL

Innocent little Xavier. Owner: Jen

Stylish teenage Xavier. Owner: Jen

Black kitty cat Setsuna. Owner: Constance

Miju-chan (I think). Owner: Saintaya

Adult Xavier, smirking (owner: Jen) with Xiao Yu peeping from behind!

Another kitty cat, Hamu-tan! Owner: Melissa Wong

Fuyuki (left) and Noel (right). Owners: Constance

Kyori. Owner: Nightcat82

Mizuki. Owner: Nightcat82

Impish Qwerty (owner: me) staring at Mika (owner: Hayashi)

The unnamed boy! Owner: Hayashi

Kotetsu (those who watched Tiger & Bunny ought to know this one!). Owner: Melissa

Rouge. Owner: Su Jing

Innocent Azure. Owner: Su Jing

Angelic Aurora (left) and lovely Lacey (right). Owner: JLostein

Elegant lady Xiao Yu. Owner: Saintaya

Mischievous Miya. Owner: Saintaya
I honestly did not expect this many dolls AND owners to attend the dollmeet, but it looks like I was wrong! I personally counted off the amount of dolls who were there that day and the results came out to 12 SD, 9 MSD, 9 yo-SD, and 2 tinies! Imagine, 32 dolls in one day. Total number of (human) owners who attended, including me, was 13.

We had a small gift-exchange session as well, as one of the activities organized (by me!) was a Valentine gift-exchange session among doll owners. Hilarity followed as we unveiled the gifts we had received from other owners, and soon enough everyone started passing the gifts to their dolls and snap photos.

I had to leave earlier on that day as I was attending a housewarming session organized by Cheryl at her place, which was slightly sad cause I usually hangout with the rest until dinnertime. But since I enjoyed myself so much at the latter event, that sadness didn't last long!

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