Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Doll Talk] Angelic Aurora

Recently, I met up with Jamie to help her dress up her beautiful girl, Aurora (also known as Amphibel) for an upcoming dollmeet that we'll be attending. Since Aurora has no proper outfits yet and sewing is NOT an option for the time being, I volunteered to help out dressing this angel up - basic style.

Meet the serene angel, Aurora
Of course, before settling down somewhere, we had to get the materials for the outfit. So we head over to a cloth shop, Nagoya, and purchased some cheap stretchy cloth. We also went to several other shops to purchase things like safety pins and ribbons to further decorate the outfit.

Remember, no sewing was involved whatsoever!

In her full glory: Stretchy cloth, white ribbon, safety pins.

She has a pair of lovely sculpted hands :D

3/4 profile view

Also there on that day were Lacey and Luna. As Lacey did not have an outfit either we did a quick tube-dress wraparound for her :)

Luna loves cuddling up to everyone, and Lacey is not an exception!

The three girls together :)

I really, truly like Soom's sculpts. Talk about elegance! And in case you're wondering, Aurora is a Soom sculpt ^_^

Apologies for the odd set of photoeditings; I was experimenting with several styles on this batch of photos hahaha

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