Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Guardian Customers' Choice Award 2012

Last Thursday, I attended the Guardian Customers' Choice Award 2012 as invited by Tammy (Thanks Tammy!). Had arrived a couple of minute late (I was stuck at the mall's parking lot for about 20 minutes just searching for a parking spot lol) so by the time I entered the place, the event had already started :(

The main objective of the Guardian Customers' Choice Award is to recognize top health and beauty brands sold in Guardian stores nationwide. This year the annual event was emceed by Xandria Ooi and April Kuan, and there was also a live feed to radio listeners of CapitalFM 88.9 brought live by DJ Liang and Deborah. The event took place at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall, on the 19th of July 2012, 2pm onwards.

Anyway back to the event, I met Jaslyn and Lisa as I signed up for my media pass (I got a goodie bag yay!) and together we entered the lounge together. To be honest, when I had entered lounge, I was amazed to see the huge crowd in that small area. I could barely move anywhere without bumping to anyone! Still, pretty good crowd I'd say!
The anticipating crowd!

Welcome to the Guardian's Customers' Choice Award 2012 
And here we have our lovely hosts of the evening, Xandria Ooi and  April Kuan

Live report courtesy of CapitalFM! Say hi to the DJ y'all =D

We were served with tons of finger foods & drinks (sadly they tend to skip our media tables)

Congratulations to the Guardian's customers who won in the "Vote & Win" contest!

Jeng jeng jeng! Top Voted Brand 2012 goes to...
Happy smiles all the way!
Group photo of the awesome L'oreal team present that day
..and while they were all on stage we gaped and started snapping photos of their awards won *_*b 
The L'oreal team, proudly showing their awards won =D
Having a quick camera moment with my pals

Lisa and Jaslyn with me =D

Meet the one who included me in the invite list, Tammy! =D

Blogger babes group photo! Man I think I looked too darn formal o_O

The awards were given out to 90 categories that was contested by more than 200 brands and 354 participating products ranging from hair, face care, personal care for him or her, cosmetic beauty, hygiene, supplement and medication, mother and child products, confectionary, home and accessories. 

The 10 categories were:

  • Category 1: Supplement (11 sub-categories)
  • Category 2: Healthcare (9 sub-categories)
  • Category 3: Mother & Child (6 sub-categories)
  • Category 4: Confectionery & Home (6 sub-categories)
  • Category 5: Hair (7 sub-categories)
  • Category 6: Body & Bath (8 sub-categories)
  • Category 7: Oral Care & Hygiene (9 sub-categories)
  • Category 8: Hand & Body (7 sub-categories)
  • Category 9: Face Care (16 sub-categories)
  • Category 10: Cosmetics(11 sub-categories)

I had written down a long list of winners per category (minus the first one cause I missed that) but looking at my scribbles, I decided against it cause it's just going to make this whole blog post too dreary to read! D:

Anyhow, congrats to all winners! We were really amused when we saw the amount of awards L’oreal had won though xD

I didn’t linger for long after the event for I had another appointment elsewhere shortly after the event had ended. So I’m just going to end my blogpost with the goodies that I had received from Guardian, which made me exclaim in surprise and pleasure (I really wasn’t expecting anything at all!) 

Goodie bag, unpacked! There were also photos of us girls that were taken by the photographer there, and they're complimentary too!
I don't wanna open this bottle *_*

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