Thursday, July 12, 2012

Supplies Surprise Bazaar 6

When I first heard of a craft supply bazaar organized by a contact that I was acquainted with (would you believe it) from a bazaar, I squealed and felt really, really happy about it. Why?

There can never be enough craft supplies available in Malaysia. And when I say never, I really do mean never. There's just so many different craft supplies that we would want to get but there never seem to be in supply OR in demand in this country. Sad, eh?

Anyway, back to the original story!

Last Saturday marked the sixth craft supply and handmade bazaar organized by The Handmade Movement - Supplies Surprise! Bazaar. It was also my first time opening a booth there...and my second time attending the bazaar itself. I had fun. Indeed I do.

What to expect from the bazaar: -
cloth; tons and tons of cloth materials for any handicraft work that you plan to start. From cotton linen to oilcloth right down to PVC materials, you name 'em, they have 'em! Of course, they're not all from the same seller, but you get the idea.
sewing supplies; time to stock up on those washable chalk pen markers, bag handles, buckles, and so much more
buttons; forget the classic black and white buttons, you can find cute and charming knick knacks to brighted up your handiwork from this bazaar!
paper supplies; from scrapbooking to paper quilling, I was extremely dazzled by the sheer amount of materials introduced during this bazaar!

There's always something new every time. Take last week for example, it was my first time seeing a booth selling handmade soaps, lipbalms, and such! There was even one who sold blocks of facial soap as well as aromatherapy massage oils! But I think the one that struck me the most was the cake booth, who sold COOKIES for RM5 per pair. Imagine passing by Famous imagine that same yummy scent wafting in the air...making its round around the hall! That was how tempting the cookies were :D

Anyway, for my booth, I had shared it with a couple of friends of mine - SundayHearts as well as SundayComforts. I didn't have a name for my craft sales then, but eventually chose something that I have been using for a while now - SilCreationS :)

Our booth :)

The crowd started getting packed by 1pm

Meet our neighbouring booth! She sells lovely tote bags for a cheap price! Quality's good too :D

Mini tote bags are good for office ladies during lunches? :)

Handmade button-rings by SundayHearts. Aren't they just adorable?

Crochet brooches by SundayComforts. Such a simple yet cute piece to compliment your fashion statement

My side of the booth - beads, mini buttons, charms, and kanzashi flowers for sale

Oh and I brought Alex and Luna along with me as well. They're both holding SundayHearts and SundayComforts' namecard each cause I don't have any of my own yet :(

Had friends who stopped by to check out the bazaar. One of them is none other than my good friend, Cheryl, who was kind enough to prepare a 'bento' lunchbox for me! Thank you Cheryl :D

I'm seeing stars all over! Doesn't this looks far too adorable to be eaten?
Verdict? I am so attending this bazaar again! According to the organizer, the bazaar will be held in keep the first two weeks of September free if you'd like to attend this event! :D

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