Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Weekend To Remember

Had a birthday celebration with me and my pals last Saturday at *ahem* DIB Aloha Coffee @ Damansara Perdana. Cheryl and I both discussed where should we have our birthday dinner and eventually, this place was nailed down. To top it all off, Saturdays are also Karaoke Nights at DIB so it's a win-win situation for us all! =D

Though my birthday was on a Friday, it was a non-stop celebration moment for me from Friday right up to Sunday! Not to mention food-filled all the way.

To cut a long story short, I enjoyed my birthday on Friday (took a day off from work!) with Jamie at Pyramid, where we enjoyed tea for two at Delicious (using a Groupon voucher from Cheryl). My goodness, that was a sinful tea for the two of us! @____@;

Tea Time with Jamie at Delicious, Sunway Pyramid
Our cake selection: Sumptuous chocolate brownie filled with nuts, topped with rich vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup

Middle tier: buttery scones, savory rosemary biscuits, dark truffles, and strawberries with clotted cream

Lower tier: Egg with Caviar sandwiches, Tuna sandwiches, Smoked salmon sandwiches, and beef tartlets (I think)
We could barely walk after this meal!

The next day...
It was a fun night of songs, laughter and good companionship with old friends and new. Though there were only 13 (I think?) of us there, we sure brought the house down with our insanity on the day! Hahahahaha

Rin, YK and Terence, all in different poses.

Erik looks rather sad as Nao photo-bombs with her usual attempt to "steal food" 

Meet the other birthday girl of the night with her Aloha Chicken and an awesome cup of Iced Chocolate

Nao and Mogi, smiling happily together ^^

Here's Nao singing with Nicholas. She officiated the first song sung from our huge group of friends then haha

"It's a fish on a fish!!" says Jaslyn as she poses with her hefty plate of Fish 'n Chips

While others are seriously pondering on songs selection, Nao decides to provide horns for Mogi

Mogi sang after he found a song he could sing to! =D

It was such a fun-packed night from 7pm right up to 12am! Everyone took turns singing, eating, and all-in-all had fun chatting! The environment in the cafe was comfortable and everyone was like old friends in there! It was a really nice feeling when Nicholas (the guitarist/singer) started singing Happy Birthday THREE TIMES with everyone else in the cafe to me and Cheryl. Kinda awkward (I always feel awkward when the song is directed to me lol) but touching all the same ^_^

Group photo! Thanks for coming everyone!
 In the photo: YK, Rin, Terence, Jaslyn, Nao, Jared, Chris, Mogi, Erik, birthday girls me and Cheryl.
Not in photo: David, Darren, Joyce & David :(

Birthday girls together! =D
The very next day, I had another dose of 'food coma' as my family brought me to have dimsum at Sime Darby Convention Centre. It was buffet, of course, so typically, we wolfed down as much as we could! Hahahaha. Well it helped that the food was divine! Then again, I'm pretty easy to please lol.

That very night, I ended up at Puchong with Cheryl, Erik, David, Darren and Andika for a Thai BBQ Buffet. Another round of food insanity! I was ecstatically taking marinated lamb and smoked duck all the way cause they were just too good to be true!


And now, presents time! Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful presents!

Really lovely chocolates from Chris and Erik

Red clincher and two Whoopie-Pie lip balms from Rin, YK and Terence.
Now how did you know I was looking for a red clincher :P

A 'drum' lamp from the DIB owner himself, Allen. Thanks for this gift :D

Sushi maker (on top) from Joyce & David
Jewelry craft kit set from Cheryl and David :D

An awesome Thai BBQ Buffet the very next day from Darren :D

Getting my hair done. A gift from Hayashi and Jamie ^____^

And last but not least, a L'oreal Makeup Pouch from the hair saloon when the lady found out that I was there for a birthday treat :D

Thank you so very much everyone, for making the birthday weekend a blast for me! I have more photos to share, but I don't think it's nice to spam it all here ^_^;

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