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The Aftermath of AniManGaki 2012

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It has been awhile since I have last attended an ACG event, and I believe this was the first event in months that I've gone to after a while! Initially, I wanted to skip this event and attend the upcoming event (Taylor's Asaban Fest) the following weekend (I had promised to attend!) but decided to just make my way there all the same.


Months before, I had a plan to cosplay Princess Neptune for AniManGaki 2012. However, due to certain unforeseen circumstances (namely my other half, Uranus, cannot make it) I decided to cancel that said plan. Ah well, not much damage there.

Here's a quick brief of what AniManGaki is all about. Organized by the dedicated students of Sunway College, this event which had taken place in their own college over the past few years, finally decided to break free of norm and have it at the Sunway Convention Centre this year. The anticipation for this event was running high, particularly since they had allocated numerous slots for local bands and dancers for the stage performances.

Tickets were priced at RM15 per day, or RM25 if you'd prefer to attend both days. I was lucky to receive a free pair of tickets from my friend, so I suppose that's probably what made me decide to go in the end too! Hahaha =P

I'm not going to split my two-day report since I didn't hang around the hall much nor did I snap many photos during the said weekend, so here's what I did during AniManGaki 2012.

Day 1

Arrived later than expected, I reached Sunway Pyramid at about 11am (entrance opens at 10am). It was quite packed by then, particularly outside of the hall where there were booths lined up for games, figurine display, and Matsuri booths. There was also a Touhou booth which I briefly glimpsed as I walked by the place.

First peeve: Found out I was not allowed into the hall via the entrance from the parking lot at CP3 without a ticket. Now, the only way in was to walk across the parking lot to the closest elevator, head two levels down to Asian Avenue, and take the escalator up to the ticketing counter at the Convention Centre. Waste of time? Oh, yeah. Definitely. Fortunately my friend was there (she was holding my tickets then) so I gave her a call and 'lo and behold, I could enter!

On this day, I decided NOT to cosplay because of two reasons: I'd want to roam about freely meeting and greeting my friends...and I have absolutely no idea which costume should I recycle!

Took a quick tour in the hall (said hi to several booth owners that I know) and bought my Comic Fiesta pre-order tickets on the spot. For those wondering, this wasn't a pair of mock tickets but the real deal, so I'm rather nervous safekeeping it for myself (I tend to be scatterbrained after all). That pair of tickets cost RM35, and I decided to purchase the 8-bit "I LOVE CF" T-shirt that I had missed back then too! :D

The Exams Hall, where Otaku-ers get to test their knowledge and stand a chance to win a huge Miku plushie

When there's a performance, there's a crowd! There are times I find crowd-watching more entertaining than performances, even when the latter's awesome! XD

That done, I roamed around the hall a little longer and finally exited the hall. Now when I arrived here, I came alone. I was not meeting up with anyone, and my friend was helping out as a volunteer at the ticketing/ushering station. So typically, I got bored in less than an hour. Oddly enough I wasn't even enthusiastic enough to snap photos of cosplayers there, so let's just skip that, yes?

Why take photos of cosplayers when snapping photos of photographers taking photos of cosplayers prove to be more entertaining?

Took a photo of the very talented singer, Shiomaru (she's in that happy clown suit) with Potter by her side!

In the end, I decided to help out my friends (met a couple of them volunteering here!) at the entrance by ushering newcomers to the hall. In other words, I check for passes and make sure everyone who enters have their ticket-wrist tags lol. I think I had more fun there than I had in the hall (No offense guys, it's not you guys, it's just me being horrifically moody without my caffeine then!) though my feet suffered from standing too long in my wedges!

Anyone remembers Tenshi no Cafe? They were there to serve you too during this event!

Personally, I had fun on Day 1 mainly because I got to meet up with most of my friends whom I rarely meet unless during events. Had a great time chatting with everyone and helping out the AniManGaki committee when I can :)

The Cosplay Competition judges!
From left: Will, Dai, and Potter

Left early cause I was dead tired and needed rest since I'll be cosplaying the next day.

Guki (cosplaying Remilia Scarlet) and me, as we were manning the Ticketing/Security area haha

Arisa (cosplaying Comic Fiesta's female mascot - Coffy) and me. Happened to see her so decided to snap a quick one with her :D

Day 2

Arrived probably earlier than the day before, I reached Sunway Pyramid at about 10.30am I think. No makeup, no contacts, no costume donned on yet. Just me in my simple dress and flats. Met with Guki (meet friend who gave me the tickets haha) and had breakfast at Pappa Rich. Just as we were about to finish our meal, Ethel and KC came by to join us hahaha.

Side note, service at Pappa Rich was quite bad. Everyone hovered by the kitchen and didn't really pay attention to customers who were trying to grab their attention for something ._.; my toasted egg sandwich arrived AFTER Guki was done with her porridge and that was about, what, 10-15 minutes later? *sighs* Not gonna order that sandwich again, it didn't suit my palatte at all ._.

Anyway, we went looking for safety pins (I keep losing mine!) which we finally got from Guardian, and went back to the Convention Centre. Went off to the changing room to finally put on my cosplay costume for the day. To my surprise and delight, Cappy and Kids were there, prepping up for THEIR cosplay. So between the three of us, we prepped up our makeup and donned on our costumes. Though I left way earlier than them; they took hours to perfect their awesome bling-bling makeup! XD

In full honesty I do not know who they are supposed to be, but I believe the one on the right is cosplaying a kappa ^^;

Just like on Day 1, I helped out at the ticketing/security area once more. It was fun, though a pain in the neck. Basically between me and my friend, we had to warn off people from jumping over the velvet rope, be it volunteers, VIP, VVIP, or paid customers. It was hard, cause there were only the two of us. And when my friend asked for someone to relief us, NO ONE CAME. I guess we were THAT shorthanded on that day *sighs*

Virtual cookies for those who knows who they're supposed to be from :3

Walked about the hall, walked about Sunway Pyramid, and back around the hall again. Squealed when I found other cosplayers who were cosplaying in the same illustrated version as I was (Vocaloid: Sandplay of the Singing Dragon) and went off to snap a couple of group photos with them. This was awesome for me, cause I was there as a solo cosplayers actually hahahaha.

Meiko and Miku together! :D It was so random that we both had our customized masks on that day, and we don't know each other haha

Sandplay of the Singing Dragon (Vocaloid) : Gakupo, Meiko, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len & Rin

Sad to say I spent most of my time either helping out with the committee, or lounging upstairs  by the changing room towards the evening. But it was a pretty good event. Each time I peeked into the hall, I'd see good support from the audience to the stage performers. That's good, yes? :)

Was surprised yet happy to see my two friends, Nightress and Aiko, cosplaying Aurora and Snow White! :D

Left the event rather early due to lack of...activity. Either that or I was just dead tired and wanted to leave. Either either that or I'm just getting too darned old for ACG events hahahaha.

Mintos as Nichi Keito / Ivrogne from Star Driver

Another lovely photo of Mintos :D

Cappy as Neo Serenity from Sailor Moon

A couple of photos with my friends, just for the heck of it. We love snapping photos together, don't we? Hahahahaha =P

Cappy and me together :3

Guki and me :D

Mintos and me, posing together-gether hahaha

In conclusion, event wasn't too bad though I was bored easily. I suspect it's just me since everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves a lot :)

That's it for now! This blogpost took me a long time to complete even though it's not too complicated ;___; Will be posting up on the following ACG event that went on the week after this one soon! :D


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