Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great times at Supplies Surprise! Bazaar #7

Had another great day at the SSB7 Craft Supplies Bazaar last weekend! Many thanks to Donna for lending us her table (the booths exclude tables) and to the people of Sunday Hearts for sharing a booth with us!

This time around, we decided to sell more of craft supplies instead of handmade items (gotta cater for the overall market, eh?) and while I didn't earn much from there, I managed to make a lot of friends!

Had visits from friends like Dai, Mintos, Anna and her sister, and a few others when I was there. I was also grateful to Hayashi and Lina whom had accompanied me on that day too.

Funny story about this day: that very morning as I was packing up my car in preparation to leave home for Sunway, I accidentally locked my car keys in my car boot...and I went straight to a panic. Not only was I late, I couldn't find the spare car keys! Panic ensued as I frantically hunted down for my keys. I even had my sis to help me out! In the end, roughly 30 minutes (and a lot of condescending and well-wishes tweets) later, the spare keys were found!

Guess what happened next?

Friskii ran out!! I was already on the verge of crying out in frustration! It was literally one bad thing after another, and the bazaar was opening for public in less than 40 minutes...and I wasn't there yet to set up the booth! Well, it took us about 15-20 minutes to catch her (naughty girl decided to run from us a lot) and send her back to our garden.

Anyway, back to the craft bazaar!

I didn't really snap many photos (was too busy ogling at the awesome supplies on display there) but here's a few of our booth :) Setting up the booth in a panicked state helped I suppose, since we had less than 20 minutes to set up our booth from scratch hahaha.

The setting up of SilCreations and Sunday Hearts in progress :) 

The sales were mainly on buttons, charms & findings, and handmade rings 

 Adorable little buttons for sale! If you own a Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) like me, and you love sewing for them, this is an excellent add-on to your collection! :D

RM1.50 for 12 pieces, RM6 for 60 pieces. Isn't that worth it? ;) 

A little table where we displayed some of our wares, and also presented our name cards :) 

Made some new friends on this day. Everyone treated each other like friends who are meeting up for a yumcha session. The atmosphere was lighthearted and cheerful, so everyone had a fun time mingling around!

A group shot of the SSB7 vendors at the end of the bazaar sale. Can you find me? Hehehe

All in all, it was a great day for us (an especially good one for me since I had a pretty crappy morning hahaha)

The next bazaar is set to November 3, 2012. Are you game to join me there this time? ;)


Tammy Miu said...

interesting bazaar! would love to go pick up some supplies and trinkets. When is the next one?

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

Miu: Next week actually! Hahahaha I need to post up a blogpost on that soon ^_^