Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Story of my Life

I'm horribly at maintaining my blog. I know I keep on telling myself to constantly update it, but sadly I'm just too darned lazy hahaha. Well here's a squished mash-up update of my life from my last post on this blog using photo collages, just cause I'm just that lazy =P

Filled with yummy products!

Entered a giveaway on Traclyn's Facebook, and managed to win myself a box full of goodies from Fabulous Finds. Tried everything but Elizabeth Arden's skincare so far (It's like, so precious till I don't wanna use it yet! LOL)

Celebrated my sister's surprise birthday party at a quaint cafe that I really like myself at Kota Kemuning. The art-concept shop is called Dotz Cafe, and you really should try their brownies and alcoholic tiramisu! A must-try place that I so gotta head back there to snap more awesome photos :D

Became rather crafty and decided to make some earrings and a necklace for sale (?) though now I'm wondering about how to sell them da hur hur hur

I'm also prepping up for the next Supplies Surprise! Bazaar 8 which will be on November 3rd! I haven't taken any photos of my craft supplies yet but I sure hope to take them soon! I'm running out of time D:

I went to Singapore for a short vacation and visited relatives and went to Universal Studios Singapore (click here for more photos from me!) for the very first time! It was awesome, and I really cannot wait to head back there again with friends! =D
P/S: For you Sesame Street fans, there's going to be a Sesame Street corner end of 2012! I cannot wait to see what's unveiled ^____^

As most of you (I think) know, I'm into Ball-Jointed Dolls. So no surprise there that I had organized a dollmeet with local doll owners recently. I was pleasantly surprised that there were even a few Singaporeans who took the time to journey up to KL and attend this meet as well! Many thanks for making this gathering a success everyone!
In the photo posted above, there were a few dolls that are not in the photo, mainly because some of the owners had to leave early =( but overall, there are about 5-20 doll owners whose dolls are in this photo!

In summary, I had tons of fun! Some good, some not so good. But overall great =D It's such a pity I'm starting work next week hahaha. Ah well, a new chapter of my life is about to blossom before me =]

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