Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prepping up and ready to go!

Recently, I've been getting several queries on the skin and cosmetic products that I use on a daily basis. So I'm going to be rather thick-skinned here and just tell everyone what are the products that I use to cleanse my skin as well as cosmetics I use for daily wear :)

Saves time explaining them again and again anyway hahaha

Also, do note that the face products that I use are meant for my large pores & an annoying case of blackheads

P/S: I found this gem when I first stepped foot in Sephora a couple of months back. Never regretted it one bit :)

Soap 'n Glory - Scrub Your Nose In It

Why I love it: It is a scrub that doubles up as a face mask to absorb excess oil off my face. Plus, it leaves a tingly cool feeling on my skin after use! Best part? I can use this daily with no worries of my skin peeling off lol

When I use it: Facial scrub would be twice a day (morning and night). Face mask would be slapped on usually twice a week, depending on how icky my skin would feel like by the end of the day


Cellnique B.Liv Got Oil Relief

Why I love it: This toner is in a spray bottle, and while I was afraid initially to spray it directly to my face, I found out that the toner's really light and absorbs really well to my skin pretty fast!

When I use it: Right after my scrub :D

Blackhead Removal

Cellnique B.Liv Off With Those Heads

Why I love it: Instead of constantly pinching my nose to squeeze out the nasty blackheads, all I need to do is to apply this gel directly on the affected area (a.k.a. my nose and below my lips) and continue massaging until the gel is absorbed into the skin. That's it. No need to rinse, no need to squeeze. The effect is amazing after 14 days! My nose isn't as bumpy as before now, so my foundation glides onto my skin smoother now XD

When I use it: Right after Toner

Moisturise (For me it's this Serum!)

Cellnique B.Liv Shrink and Tighten

Why I love it: This potion is meant for those with oily skin, which I do have (especially towards evening!). Now before this I rarely apply moisturiser to my face on a daily basis, mainly because I hated the icky oily feeling I'd get after smearing the lotion on my skin. That feeling stays somehow, so it made me uncomfortable. This serum not only absorbs well into the skin layer, it also helps to curb extra oil secretions somehow (for me anyway hahaha). So that means, less oily skin during the day yay! :D

When I use it: Right after the Blackhead Removal bit ^_^

Sunblock + Foundation

Cellnique B.Liv Got Me Covered

Why I love it: A combination of sunblock and foundation (reminds me of BB Cream somehow) that is light on my skin and pretty much covers my minor imperfections nicely :)

When I use it: After Moisturising!

::Applying my makeup::


Sephora Mineral Foundation - loose powder

Why I love it: It doesn't clog my pores!! :D Well, that and the powder actually doesn't cake on my face after awhile. So that's good too lol.

How I use it: After applying Got Me Covered, I wait for several minutes (usually about 5 minutes) before applying the powder on my face with a face brush.


Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

Why I love it: Glides easily on my eyes, and the tapered tip helps to create better patterns/shapes/etc on my lids :D A great plus is that the liner dries pretty fast too!


Megaholic Rubber Extension Mascara

Why I love it: I've always had a headache over getting the perfect mascara for myself, mainly because most waterproof mascaras that I have tried often 'bleed' which would give me a 'panda-eyed look' by the end of the day! This mascara DOES NOT do that and it does lengthen my eyelashes nicely :D


Benefit Brow Zing
Why I love it: Easy to use, and long lasting on my eyebrows (^^,)

So that's it from me! Hope you enjoyed this (probably weird) post on my beauty regime lol. I skipped eyeshadow here mainly because I tend NOT to wear them, but I do have several eyeshadow palettes at home, including a 100-eyeshadow palette (got this from a night market, but the pigmentation is good and no side effects on my skin so far), Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection - Kiss n Tell palette, and several loose eyeshadows that I have had gotten over the past few months.

Just a note too that when I do wear eyeshadows and I'm aware that I need to be out for almost the entire day, I would apply
Urban Decay's Eye Primer all over my eyelids as well for that long lasting look :)

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