Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Monster High Makeover...sort of failed

I've been seeing Your Shopping Kaki post about Monster High several times over the past few months, and curiosity got me to click on the homepage of Monster High. Suffice to say one thing lead to another, and I fell in love with the adorable jointed dolls almost immediately!

Couple of weeks later, YSK posted out a makeover challenge - create a makeover style based on your Monster High muse. I was excited, and even though I was extremely late (sorry guys!) at submitting my entry, I did it all the same!

After much deliberation, I finally opted to choose Cleo de Nile as my muse. Personality-wise, she's that babe whom you don't want to mess with if you want to be popular. But at the same time, her occassional soft-heartedness can be really appealing as well.

Her fave color is gold, which complements her black-brown 'do perfectly!

So while I've been chatting with the peeps from YSK, I also promised them that I'll submit my own makeover entry when I have time. Which took me forever to complete the challenge (again, sorry guys!).

Can't say I'm entirely happy with the final results, and while I have already submitted my entry, I might end up redoing this if I have the time before the closing entry date (December 6, 2012)

How I created my eye makeup (false lashes are from Daiso if I'm not mistaken)
Eyeshadow: Shimmer bright gold, Shimmer antique gold, Shimmer bronze, white, neutral brown
Eyeliner: Revlon gel liner, Silkygirl Gel liner, Stage white liner
Lips: Essence lip liner, OCC lip tar

I admit that my chosen eye color was not at all like Cleo's preferred purple hues. Then again I created this look spontaneously without properly checking on her initial cosmetic look lol. I merely used her bio as my reference, which is that Cleo's favoured colour is gold :)

I'm going to attempt their Convertible Dress Challenge next if I have the time!

But meanwhile, why don't you join in the Monster High fun and have your own makeovers too? Winner gets that adorable doll (and if you don't want them, give them to me as a Christmas gift! Hehehehe)

Here are some of my selected picks from the Monster High students list:

Which of the students are your faves? You can check out their website for more cool info :D

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