Sunday, January 13, 2013

The aftermath of Comic Fiesta & Cosplay Ball 2012

I haven't had the chance to post any updates on my Cosplay aftermath, but then again, I don't really feel like posting much updates on them! Hahahaha :P


Last year's Comic Fiesta 2012 was a blast for me, mainly because I got to hang out with my friends whom I rarely meet except during events (well what can I say, we are all staying too far apart!). The event itself was okay, though I didn't actively participate in any stage games/performances, I took my time browsing through the Doujin alley and found so many new inspiring amateur artists and craftsmaker out there! I feel so unproductive and small when I see the awesome works out there! D:

Anyway, since the hall was crowded (well, the crowd seems to grow every year!) I decided to take a breather and chilled out by the hallway outside with a few friends that I happened to meet along the way. Funny, I think I'm getting too old for this! D:

Instead of spamming loads of photos, I compiled camwhore-ing photos of me and my friends whom I did meet at the event instead! Sorry if your photo isn't in here, it just means that I didn't get a chance to see you, or I had forgotten to whip out my camera for this!

First row from left: Mugen, Zymz, DA
Second row from left: Rain, Dusty, Aoshi
Third row from left: Raz, Mogi, Gemsy
Fourth row from left: Ikki, Satoko, RRJ
Fifth row from left: Gyps, Carina, Narukids

First row from left: Alicia (and Dei photo bombing!), Yuan, Sky
Second row from left: Izzu (with Dusty photo bombing!), Cappy, Carina
Third row from left: Hani, Hito, Dimmie
Fourth row from left: Chia Yi, Liq, Jin
Final row: Ikki & Satoko

My cosplay for Comic Fiesta 2012

Day 1: Meiko from Vocaloid - Sandplay of the Singing Dragon

Day 2: Assassin Cross from Ragnarok Online

For those wondering what Comic Fiesta is all about, I strongly suggest that you visit their website and check out the awesome stuff that they plan every year! While you're at it, join their community and come chat with us in the #comicfiesta IRC chat channel (you need to be a registered forum user to check via this site; alternatively, try Mibbit or mIRC itself). We welcome newcomers, and hey, no one bites (much)! :D

(^_^)/\(^_^) (^_^)/\(^_^) (^_^)/\(^_^) (^_^)/\(^_^) (^_^)/\(^_^)

Facebook welcomes you to CosplayBall2012

Next event I attended was the Cosplay Ball 2012. It was my first time attending after knowing of this event for two years, and I was curious about this event. Since the theme for my table was Royal Diamonds, I decided to whip up a random Original Character design for this ball - an Asian version of Facebook. Initially I wanted to head there as Twitter, but unfortunately my color scheme fits Facebook more :(

Thanks to Jamie, who was willing enough to accompany me for this event too! She dressed up in a Victorian-ish outfit (her corset didn't come in time! *sadface*) and we headed there with RRJ (who dropped by for a quick makeover).

Fun fact: My headgear, "Facebook" Icon, and "Like" Icon was done in less than 6 hours before the event itself! The headgear was actually bought, but I added beads and made the "Facebook" icon drop which I attached to the headgear :)

Unfortunately, I found the event to be rather a bore for me, but I think it's because I don't know almost 80% of the people there, which made me feel somewhat isolated and old. Hahahaha ^^; I'm not much of a social butterfly so that's probably why as well.

Overall the event was okay, but I noticed that some parts of the itinerary became rather draggy after awhile, causing everyone who was not involved to wander around restlessly (outside was a hit somehow, since there was a mini photo booth by HermanPhotography and several other booths selling cosplay-related products). I myself wandered in and out of the hall more than once!

One big flaw that I feel the hotel management lacked was that the refreshments ran out really fast, and no one bothered refilling the jugs after that. No, not even water. I understand if the management does not want to refill the food or cordial/coffee/tea drinks but really, not even water? Especially when the drinks ran out in less than 2 hours :/

Me and Jamie, posing for the camera

We wanted to have an IRCfiesta photo, but there were still others who did not make it in this photo *sadface*

Managed to take photos as usual! Notice the amount of photo bombs I got? Hahahahaha

Even so! It was great to hang out with friends towards the end of 2012, and I thank everyone for dropping by to say hi or even glomp me during those three days! :D

Cheers and here's to a great 2013!

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