Sunday, March 31, 2013

[COSPLAY] Ragnarok Online

Oh hello there blog, it has been a very long while!

I miss blogging, to be honest, but lately I often run out of ideas of what to blog about, and when I do have an inkling of what to blog about, I'm too busy until I forget to blog! So now I'm taking this chance to blog real quick about one of my latest cosplay excursion, which was at Comic Fiesta 2012.

Many thanks to Misao for helping us taking these lovely photos, as I couldn't find the photographer that I was looking for on that day. Truly appreciate it :)

Photos are by Herman Photography
Edits are by me :)

Assassin Cross - Silvennia

Swordsman - Tarynsgate

Soul Linker - Suzanne

Wizard - Kevin

Gunslinger - Ballistic Dragon

Photos were taken during Comic Fiesta itself at KLCC's park.

That's it for today! I have yet to get makeup reviews done of the products that I have bought for myself hahaha. As a teaser, I'll be reviewing several lippies and some facial products ^_^

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