Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Birthday Wishlist 2013

Since so many people have asked me for this, here's my rather...'selfish' wishlist. That said, I noticed even though I often say "OMG I WANT THIS", I don't really want them eventually (go figure). Mostly what I want is money to pay off my financial debts lol. But that aside, here's my rather jumbled up list that I have no idea whether it does make sense or not...but hopefully it does to you.

I've also included several websites that I tend to window-shop or browse through when I'm free (Cotton On stuff excluded lol) just for fun.

Categories were created for the heck of it to indicate price range or easy-to-buy access I suppose hahaha

- Earrings/Necklaces/Bracelets (preferably Ruby or Sapphire, but I generally love silver and/or bronze accessories)

- Wigs (note: these are all from SangatSuka Wig Shop lol)

- Comic Fiesta Epic Loot tickets (heard Mika will be getting me this. Thanks Mika!)

- Books
  • Mercedes Lackey books (ask me personally what I am looking for; I need to check back on my library also)
  • Craft books (beading and jewelry making preferred, but I don't mind leveling up other craft skills too)
  • Psychology text books (weird I know, but I enjoy reading them from time to time)

- Handbags, messenger/sling bags  
(convenient enough to carry my purse, handphone, camera, powerbank, iPod, tissues, wet tissues, lipbalm, comb, keys...and some other stuff. Yes I carry a lot of junk in my bag lol)
Preferred color: Black, Brown, Dark Grey (I sound so boring)

- Dresses (convertible dresses preferred!)

- Cosmetics
  • Soap & Glory (ok so it's facial products etc but I'll put them here anyway!)
  • Sephora
  • Urban Decay
  • Kryolan
  • Heavy Rotation (liquid liner especially)
  • BB Cream (you recommend k?)
  • RED lipsticks (I'm a sucker for these lately)

- PS3 RED controller (Hint: find someone who's a member at Gamers' Hideout for a cheaper price)

- Car Modulator (I need my stash of songs! Though having that adapter that allows my iPod to play in the car eh heh)

- A new phone (regardless whether it is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or an iPhone5, I need one to suit my Social needs for both work and lifestyle purposes)
- A gaming laptop (I'm horrible with specs etc so don't ask me for details)
- Spa/Massage package
- Facial package (Sunway's Beauty Century branch preferred heh)
- Nintendo 3DS (Red)
- iPad (would you believe it, it's so that I can bring my work wherever I go rofl)
- RM250 to go crazy with on Cotton On (online) sales

And there you have it, my selfish wishlist. Now finally my wishlist-for-the-year is done lol. I don't expect most of them to be granted honestly, but it's fun to just list them down all the same.

This year I shall not add in any BJD to my wishlist k? ;)

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