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[Review] Glasses or No Glasses? A Tale of Me and CooperVision Contacts

Contact lens can be really scary and are sometimes considered to be something scary (OMG you have to put THAT on your eyes?!) or cool (hurrah for color-changing irises!). Reading up some really funky and scary (not all are true by the way) articles/stories about how contact lens can damage your eyes (and beauty to a certain extent) could most certainly put you off from wearing contact lens. Ever.

But did you know that there are myths that are easily debunked with simple and logical facts? Here are a few examples to put your fears to ease:

Contact lenses hurt!

These days, the soft contact lenses are very comfortable. You may be aware of them at first, but they don't hurt. After a little while it won't even feel like you're wearing them.


Wearing contact lenses damages your eyes

Contact lenses do not damage your eyes. Lens wear may increase the risk of infection, but this is usually a result of poor care or cleaning. Reduce the risk by following proper hygiene and wearing period advice!


MYTH Contact lenses are difficult to put in and take out

FACT Once you get the hang of it, inserting and removing your lenses is quick and easy. It just takes some practice to get used to it. Here’s a quick guide on how to insert (and remove) your contact lens properly:


 You can’t wear contact lenses if you have astigmatism
Again, not true. Those with astigmatism (like me!) can wear contact lens, but there’s a different range specifically for them called toric lens. Check with your optician to find out more, or head over here to see what CooperVision has for you


Contact lenses are difficult to look after
Most cleaning systems use only one bottle of multipurpose solution, so you can care for your lenses just by using a single bottle of solution. Daily disposables are even easier; just wear once and throw away after that.

Though I’m a complete specs-user, I do wear contact lens from time to time (mostly for cosplay purposes). I’ve always wanted to wear toric lens for everyday use but somehow, I couldn’t get used to having something on my eye all the time! Mostly it is because contact lens tends to irritate my eyes (I suffer from dry eyes due to constant lack of sleep, among other reasons, lol) and no amount of contact lens-friendly eye drops could help rectify this irritation.

And then there’s CooperVision…

Whether you are looking for multifocal, daily, or toric lenses, CooperVision has you covered with an extensive line of contact lens products to fit every prescription, every personality and every lifestyle

Recently, I had decided to give CooperVision Biomedics® contact lens a go, and in all honesty, I really do like it!

CooperVision Biomedics®offers daily disposable toric lens. Perfect match for me!

The contact lens that I had gotten is indeed toric lens (I have high astigmatism OMG) and best of all, they’re daily disposables! This means that once I’m done for the day, I’ll just dispose of the lenses and wear a new pair the next day!
I find this good, since I always have a fear of not cleaning my contact lens properly after usage (it’s just me being paranoid by the way haha).

Loving the fact that I can happily switch between my CooperVision Biomedics®  contact lens and glasses when I feel like it, especially since I face the laptop everyday at work!

A Quick Intro to the CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra lens

Introducing Biomedics® 1 day Extra, a daily disposable contact lens from CooperVision. Designed for day-long comfort. An excellent upgrade for existing 1 day wearers, a great starting point for those new to lenses or for those monthly lens wearers wanting to upgrade to the extra convenience 1 day lenses offer.

Benefits? Of course there’s benefits!
  • 55% water content
  • Comfortable lens wear for up to 11 hours (I really like this part!!)
  • Healthier lens wear (Daily disposable contact lenses benefit patients with dry eyes by providing a fresh clean lens every day)
  • No-hassle convenience no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses

So How Much Is It?
I’d suggest heading over to any CooperVision practitioner to look for your perfect pair of contact lens actually. You can head over here to find which is the nearest to your convenience: Store Locator
P/S: Head over here to find out more of their toric lens: CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra

I’ve tried the contact lens for almost TWO weeks now, and I have absolutely no complaints at all! The contact lens is really comfortable, easy to apply and doesn’t irritate my eyes (with the occasional dryness that’s due to air-conditioning and lack of sleep…which was easily rectified with contact lens-friendly eye drops). Heck, there were times where I even forgot that I’m not wearing glasses for the day!
If you’re keen to give it a try without buying the whole box first, CooperVision offers a FIVE (5) Day trial just for you!
Simply head over here to fill in your particulars and you’re on your way to have a glasses-free week! :D

Disclaimer: I received free trial Coopervision contact lenses in return for writing this review. Please note that all opinion & experience stated above are mine, with the exception of lens specifications and trivia of Myths & Facts that were taken from various credible optician websites (CooperVision inclusive).

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