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Jewelry Making Workshop: Learn how to create your own wearable masterpiece!

Earlier last week, I was invited to join a jewelry making workshop at Yayasan Seni, Kuala Lumpur. Okay, so I was a wee bit shameless at securing this invite. A Twitterer by the nickname of Jo (@JochebedLing) had tweeted out the invite asking for bloggers who would be interested to attend this workshop. Being an avid (or former avid) crafter myself, I had immediately contacted her to find out more of this. To my surprise and delight, the invitation was secured and I was all set to attend this workshop.

Yayasan Seni, Kuala Lumpur

I admit, it was a bit confusing trying to hunt down this place (I was using Waze) for a while. I guess the weird, back roads that looked somewhat dodgy didn’t help it either. But to my surprise and delight, we found this most adorable looking place called Yayasan Seni nestled lovingly among other residential areas. We learned that this building is originally a bungalow that was revamped into a nice, comfortable recreation place for coffee, crafts, and photography (I smell photoshoots coming along pretty soon!).

The boy ordered this wonderful fluffy omelet for brekkie! Total yums :D

Plus, we had a chance to check out That Latte Place just before the shop closes! If you coffee lovers are wondering, we found out that this wonderful shop will be relocated to Subang (yay for us!) and that there will be another makan place to take over the empty slot in Yayasan Seni soon. Can you imagine, this café was full from the time we arrived (around 10am) right up to we had left (about 1pm) with no breather in between!

EJS Jewelry Making Workshop

We were warmly greeted by the founder of EJS herself, Angie, as we tentatively entered the threshold (the area looked so lovely from outside, we wondered if we were even at the right place lol). She sent us off to That Latte Place to secure ourselves some breakfast (Long Black for me, Cheesy Omelet for him) before we begin our workshop.
When I explained that I do know a bit about jewelry making, Angie immediately shared with me some pro-tips (the not-so-beginner tips according to her) when it comes to jewelry making.  Suffice to say, the workshop was entertaining, the people were entertaining…and most of all, the children attending the workshop were entertaining! I couldn’t help but smile and giggle a bit as I shamelessly eavesdropped conversations happening next to me. Apparently pinks and pastel purples are a hit among girls (no whoop there) hahaha.
For this workshop, I was given freedom to choose my colors and be creative with my design; using the base pattern given by Angie. Overall, I was to make one necklace, two bracelets, and a pair of earrings.

"Fishing line is for fishes, not humans!" I was told. Use Tiger Tail Beading Wire instead

Some of the beads and findings that were available on that day. The upper photo shows of jewelry samples that I'll be making in the workshop!

The results? My own personal stash of jewelry, ready to wear ^_^ Took me approximately 2.5 hours to complete all of these lol. I think I could get it done faster, but I’m pretty rusty x_X

Charm bracelet with matching earrings

Icy blue themed bracelet :D

Simple beaded necklace with a pearl bead as focal point


What else were displayed there? Have a look below!

There's even an adorable workshop for kids! x3

Angie also offers chainmail techniques in her workshop, which I think I’ll be visiting soon enough! I’ve tried this technique on my own at home, and while it COULD be done, it also took forever (and a heck load of eye strain) to complete a simple piece. Hopefully this workshop can shed some light in tricks and techniques to a proper chainmail technique J

Curious to know more? Here’s their Facebook pages to keep you updated for her latest workshop news.
If you’d like to drop by for a quick query (or to sign up for the available workshops), visit their shop right here:

Kelvin Gems
2.03 Mezz Floor
Amoda Building,
22, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2148 7213


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