Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Me and the Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I admit, I've been on a spring roll craze. Vietnamese Spring Roll to be more exact.

Why did I succumb to this craze?

Well, it all started when a good friend of mine shared this delectable homemade tidbit his mum had made for a bunch of us...

EAT ME!!!!

This is addictive, I swear! But sometimes it's really hard to wait for these delectable yummies to fall right to your lap...especially when the person making these are usually too busy to make more :/

So what's a girl with a craving to do? Experiment of course!

To be honest, it took me a darn long while to accomplish this experiment of mine. It isn't because I tend to fail on my cooking adventures, but because a) I couldn't find the ingredients and b) I didn't have the time for it! D:

After so many months of dilly-dallying, lo and behold I finally managed to make a couple of rolls! :D It wasn't easy the first time cause I was new to it but I sincerely did have fun all the same! :D

My first attempt

My first attempt actually looked neater lol! For this, I made the accompanying sauce (cause I had followed the recipe found on Pinterest, with some minor amendments on my end lol) but I didn't really use it in the end! Hahahaha...

Gave this to my friend and boyfriend, and while the former said that it's good the latter commented that the rice paper skin was a bit too hard (my fault cause I didn't soften the rice paper enough before rolling it up!). But both stated that the fillings were yummy (YAY!)

As I was rolling these rolls away, I ended up eating more than I should have stored for others (oops!). That was how much I had liked my concoction hahaha :P

My second attempt
I may not look purdy, but I taste yummy! *strikes a pose*

My second attempt looks slightly different. This is because instead of placing the coriander leaves on the prawns, I chopped them up and mixed 'em with the marinade sauce (used for the glass noodles). So...less color to the rolls I suppose? :P

Doesn't affect the flavour though. The boyfriend said that it's really good and he pretty much gobbled up half of the total amount made that night. So I suppose, it is another success? Yay! :D

Now of course, the next question would be...Should I pen this recipe down? It's not something superbly hard to write, but at the same time, with tons of good recipes out there, why would mine make a difference? Eh heh.

My first attempt was a modified recipe from this original: Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls - DroolFactor.

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