Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hopping their way to Success

What happens when a frog dislikes water and definitely doesn't enjoy jumping about in the forest? You get one heck of a confused amphibian with an identity crisis!

You guessed it right, I'm talking about the one and only "Ribbit".

A few nights ago, I was invited to attend the movie premier for this local animation at TGV One Utama. Needless to say the air was filled with excitement as Mr. Norman Abd Halim, the Executive Producer and the director of Ribbit, Mr. Chuck Powers arrived.

Mr.Norman (left) giving a speech as Mr Chuck Powers (right) looks on

We were not only introduced to the main voice actor of the movie, but also to several other casts that night including the adorable trio, The Glam Girls. Not only that, the audience was serenaded with the main song from "Ribbit" titled "Dikau Saja" which was sung by a local group called Forteen. Interestingly enough, this Malay song is actually an adaptation from the original hit "Magical Moment" sung by Jaclyn Victor and Az Yet. Both songs sounded really good, that I can tell you for sure! :D

Pop sensation Forteen serenaded the crowd with "Dikau Saja"
A little background about "Ribbit" was shared with us that nigh by Mr. Norman and Mr. Chuck. Here's a brief snippet of how "Ribbit" had surfaced from the animation world of wonders.


Directed and written by Chuck Powers, "Ribbit" features well-known voice talents such as Sean Astin (from Lord of the Rings), Tim Curry (from The Hunt for Red October), Russel Peters (oh c'mon, don't tell me you don't know who that is!) and Cherami Leigh (from Fast Food Nation), and was recorded in LA, California. Now here's an interesting tidbit we had gleaned that night: The development and post-production works was entirely completed in Cyberjaya (Malaysia), while the animation production took place in Cyberjaya (Malaysia) and Mumbai (India). [Score for the Malaysian team woo-hoo! :D ]. Most of the rendering work was done in Hong Kong, making this movie a truly global project (it travels everywhere to be done whoa!) which is fitting for a story set against the backdrop of the Amazon forest (will get to you about that later!).

According to Mr.Norman, "Ribbit"" has been pre-sold to more than 80 countries worldwide (think UK, Australia, Japan, China South Korea...etc). Of course, since we're already at this premier, you'll know for a fact that the movie will definitely be coming to you real soon in a cinema near you!

Course, what is an animation if we don't have dual language to choose from? Hahaha! Ribbit will have its own Bahasa Melayu adaptation that's directed by none other than Mamat Khalid! Not to forget the long array of talented voice actors such as Johan Raja Lawak, Elfira Loy, Awie, Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi, Izzue Islan, AR Badul, Sharifah Sakinah, and so much more. Jam packed with a variety of talents, you'll love the swirl of local slangs and slurs infused in this movie.

Ooooh, let's not forget the awesome songs cause let's face it: what's a movie without a splendid soundtrack am I right?

This film features two soundtracks namely "Destiny" and "Magical Moment".

"Destiny" - DJ Motiv8 Feat. Supreme i-Self and Felice LaZae (Official MTV)

Bragging rights: The MTV for Destiny was shot in LA. The post-production (CGI and animation) was completed entirely in Malaysia.

Magical Moment: Jaclyn Victor & Az Yet

Bragging rights: Magical Moment was sung to life by none other than Jaclyn Victor with the famous R&B group, Az Yet.

Bonus: It was love at first sight for Jaclyn and Shawn Rivera (member of Az Yet and lyricist for Magical Moment) and (jeng jeng jeng) they just tied the love knot last month!! :D :D :D Talk about a Happily Ever After ending for these two lovebirds x3

Ribbit Official Trailer (BM Version)

Ribbit (Official Trailer) English Version

Movie Synopsis:

Ribbit tells the tale of a frog named "Ribbit" with an identity crisis. Unlike other frogs, Ribbit hates hopping and has a strong aversion to water (and flies, apparently). Feeling like a misfit, he began questioning his true destiny. Thus began a soul-searching adventure with his best friend, a flying squirrel with some flying issues, to find his rightful place in Life. Watch the story unfold as the poor misguided frog falls into one crisis after another...before discovering the true purpose of his life.

Caught your attention yet?
Ribbit will be out in the cinemas on 4th September 2014 onwards. And guess what? It will also be in 3D! So grab some popcorns and make your way to the big screen near you with family for a Family Movie Night outing :D

Want to read more about Ribbit? This article speaks more about this 3D animated comedy: Malaysia's ‘Ribbit’ Wins Best Family Film Award at NIFF 2014

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