Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great Friends, Great Times. Many thanks!

This year, I had gotten one of the best birthday surprises ever. No wait, make that two surprises. It was an unexpected glomp and I really am truly thankful for the love and support everyone had poured in to “Raise Me Up” eh heh.

The first surprise was the many contributions to the “Silvy’s Laptop Fund”. As you may know by now, I had listed the MSI Stealth Laptop (I had gotten Ghost instead though) on my Birthday Wishlist under the “Insane” category. Why “Insane”, you ask? Well, that wonderful piece of electronic cost more than RM5k! Derp.

So let’s rewind a bit and let me take you to the past…approximately 3 weeks ago during the Hari Raya week. There was an MSI Gaming Fair at LowYat Plaza throughout that week, and I wanted to go check it out. Partly out of curiousity, mainly because I wanted to see the laptop of my dreams there hahaha :P

Well finding the laptop that I wanted was easy enough, but the salesperson managed to convince us that the MSI Ghost was better (though slightly smaller screen) than the MSI Stealth laptop. Needless to say, what made me change my mind was the anti-glare feature on the Ghost laptop. Plus the graphic looks way sharper on Ghost than on Stealth! (I’m not too much of a tech expert so do forgive me for my odd ramblings).
Said salesperson told us that during this fair, all of these laptops will have great deals/offers/etc (well, kinda normal I guess?) and what caught our attention was the Limited Edition SteelSeries headset. It was pretty, and it’s RED in color. Need I say more?

Anyway to cut a long story short, The Boyfriend made a few calls and then told me that this will be my birthday gift from 11 wonderful friends (and family). Of course, it wasn’t fully funded for but it was good enough for me! But it was good enough that I could at least buy this laptop during the fair itself :)
So lo and behold, my beloved laptop that hasn’t been named yet :D It comes with a gaming mouse, laptop bag (and sleeve), and of course, the SteelSeries headset. As an additional bonus, we also managed to get a 1TB external hard drive for free (it’s a long story, how we got that lol).

My precioussssssss
That was on August 3, when we finally bundled up everything and brought it home.
Here’s a shout out to all of my friends (and family) who had chipped in to the “Silvy’s Laptop Fund”
My sister, Jeff, Raz, Naoko, Masako, James, Tunana, K1, Shana, Dimmie, and of course my boyfriend

On August 10, The Boyfriend suggested to attend AniManGaki 2014 which was held at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. I wasn’t too keen at first cause I don’t really feel like attending any conventions this year (I’m getting ooooooold) but then I thought, why not? I might as well drop by to pay a visit to my friends who will be there anyway.

I spent my morning helping friends out with their makeup (this I still enjoy doing even until now haha) and then I was whisked away for lunch. Of course, leave it to The Boyfriend to plan a surprise birthday lunch for me lol. Though I must admit that I did suspect something like this would be happening. Too many friends had asked me beforehand if I’ll be at Pyramid, what time is my Birthday Lunch etc. And I was like…what Birthday Lunch? ._.;

The many many friends who made my day special. Thanks for coming!
Image Credit: Aoshi88

But anyway, I was really happy to meet my friends on the day itself. Many hugs, odd photos, interesting OTPs and of course, a somewhat disturbing conversation about BL-related dessert character designs were exchanged on the day. Thank you for being there :)

P/S: I was really happy to meet up with others too who weren't there for lunch! Thanks for the greetings and hugs as well. Truly appreciate it =]

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