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Masked Heroes + Malaysian Heritage = Ryujin Juwara

I’ve always been a kid at heart, even until today. Perhaps it is my second (or third, fourth…) childhood calling but watching kiddy cartoons and movies makes me happy. Well, maybe not all of them since I’m pretty picky about what I watch anyway!

But one thing that resonates with me when it comes to childhood memories would be Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I wasn’t super duper crazy to the point that I could name all characters and such, but I always enjoyed watching these series whenever I get a chance to switch on the TV on time (those days, what is Astro with reruns right? Hahahaha).

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a bunch of men transforming themselves into masked heroes and stealthily save the day from the forces of evil? Especially if they’re hot! And oh, girl power rocks too! :D

Masked heroes are awesome, and there’s always a wide variation of series involving them. So when I got to know about “Ryujin Mabuyer”, I was curious. What’s so special about this series anyway?

Here’s the gist of it:

In the year of 2008 (OMG this is like, 6 years ago!), Okinawa is a beautiful and peaceful place. Unknown to the Okinawan people, a great evil had appeared. The Evil Corps, If Majimun, conspired to steal the 9 legendary Mabui Stones. 
During the time that crisis is approaching to Okinawa, a man, whose name is Kanai, was led by one of the Mabui Stones’ genius, Ryujin Mabuyer . Then, he rise to shatter the evil ambition as “Ryujin Mabuyer” (JENG JENG JENGGGG) 
Thus the story begins…

OK, that sounds pretty cool; old news, but cool. So what? 

Did you know that we’re going to have a Malaysian version releasing soon? :D

The series is called “Ryujin Juwara”, and this awesome line-up will be aired on TV3 starting Friday, 15 August 2014 at 7.30pm.

What’s this “ Ryujin Juwara” show all about?

Dengan kuasa bulan, akan ku menghuk----oh wait, wrong series.

Andil is an apprentice batik maker who is under the tutelage of Tok Mantin. Every day he devotes himself earnestly to his craft. Meanwhile, a hermit who lives in a forest senses a crisis infringing Malaysia and sends a message to the human world seeking a man of valor who can overcome the crisis. At the behest of the hermit, the hibiscus spirit Hibi sets out on a journey to find the human who is able to understand the hermit‘s message. The Majimun army, villains evolved from the animal kingdom, aims to steal the Mabui Stones which are symbols of Malaysian culture and tradition. This is the crisis that the hermit foresaw. The Majimun army manages to steal the Batik Mabui Stone. As a result, the beautiful colours of the batik fade away.

One day, Andil is attacked by Viper Jellyfish. Shiisa puts a bracelet on Andil and a light appears in the horizon. At this point, Andil transforms into Mabuyer, the brave soul from “Niraikanai”. Mabuyer enters into battle with the Majimun army at Okinawa and wins an impressive victory. He exclaims, "Now I'm going back to Malaysia to protect the village and the Mabui Stones.

Having acquired Mabuyer’s power, Andil returns to Malaysia as Ryujin Juwara and succeeds in recapturing the Batik Mabui Stone from the Majimun army. However, the Majimun army is not discouraged by this loss and continues to steal other Mabui Stones.

Cool +1 points to this:
  • Batik is featured (YAY!)
  • The helping spirit is a Hibiscus, which is our national flower.
  • The Mabui Stones, which is like the main idea why this story came to life, are symbols of our Malaysian heritage. How cool is that?

Team powaaaaah!!!!

Huh okay. So who are the superstars of the show?

The young and talented cast of this masked hero show features Iedil Putra as the main hero/character, Faralyna Idris as his best friend, and Ali Alasri who plays the roles of one of the fellow superhero who eventually discovered his power (can anyone sing “Here He Comes To Save The Daaaay”? ).

Okay, now I'm curious. Where and when can I watch this?

Mark this down on your Google Calendar, Evernote reminder, or even on your handy-dandy organizer notebook: 
Tune in to TV3 this Friday, 15th August 2014 at 7.30pm for the episode premier! :D

P/S: Potential cosplay characters anyone? :3

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