Monday, July 07, 2014

My Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of the year again! What am I talking about? Well, time for me to be shameless about listing down what I want for my Birthday this year *evil cackling*

Many years ago, the Birthday Wishlist was created after several friends commented that it was difficult trying to look for a perfect gift for me cause:

a) They don't know what do I like
b) They don't know if I have already owned the item that they're planning to get for me

So, after some trials and errors, all of us came up with this idea. Shameless as it may be, I admit that it definitely does help when it comes to looking for the perfect gift for the birthday guy/girl! Though the only issue then would be if someone else had bought the same item too....heh



[My Birthday Wishlist]


  • Wish me "Happy Birthday" (be it FB/Twitter/G+/Whatsapp/LINE/Instagram/etc)
  • Gimme virtual cookies/hugs :3
  • Give me a treat at Gaia Online (IGN: silvennia)
  • Candied BaconStix (preferably Monster Bite, but I'm happy enough for a Big Bite)
  • Lunch/Dinner treat (no mamak please, though I'm fine with Malay food. Tomyam FTW)
  • Fiction Books. 
    • I favor fantasy-fiction i.e. Eragon series, Bartimaeus series, Harry Potter series etc. 
    • Especially keen on Tales from Valdemar series and 100 Kingdom series by Mercedes Lackey. Ping me to find out which books do I have so far ;)
  • My Little Pony merchandises (Special interest on Rarity, Princess Luna, Queen Celestia)


  • Face Primer (ELF Studio preferred, but I'm ok if you have anything else to recommend)
  • OCC Lip Tar (Authentic, Electric Grandma, Hush)
  • Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner (Black)
  • Handbags 
    • Canvas or linen preferred
    • Black/brown in color
    • Must be roomy and secure enough to satisfy my paranoia hahahaha
  • Infinity Dress (preferred color: Red, Black, Royal Purple, Deep Blue, Emerald Green)


  • Gaming mouse (no brand preference)
  • Tablet (LENOVO YogaTablet or MiPad or Microsoft Surface)
  • PSP Vita
  • 3DS
  • ELBA Electric Oven EO-5086 Black
  • Stand Mixer
  • Massage/Spa package (preferably those that can ease away my massive amount of horribly painful muscle knots)
  • Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder Compact
  • Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Crystal Star Mirror Case


  • MSI Stealth (gaming laptop) : I am currently saving up for this so any funding help will be most appreciated :3
  • All expense paid trip to Japan (Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka)
  • Volks SD13G "Rozen Maiden" Suigintou (Current price: USD5520 lol)

Predictably most will give me birthday wishes, eh? ;) Not that I mind, I truly appreciate the few minutes you take to wish me getting older (lol). But there you have it. The wishlist is out :)

Strangely enough there is a visible lack of BJDs on my wishlist this year. I guess my interests have (sort of) changed? Heh.

Also, short list, cause I don't really have much that I want this year. Aside from finding a home to call my own (legally my own that is) and a really really good masseuse to get the kinks off my back, I'm pretty happy just the way I am right now :)

P/S: Not sure when my birthday is? Just ask me! Won't share my age though, but virtual cookies if you do know :3

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