Saturday, May 21, 2005

I feel freaky. Not to mention depressed. I cried in the car today. Mum was going on and on about me and my sister's attitude problem. She kept on blabbering on and on about my dad, which I DO NOT like to hear about. Each time someone talks about my dad, particularly my mum, I feel sad. No, not only sad, I feel depressed. It's like I can almost feel his presence somewhere around, and then I'll just feel guilty cause I didn't spend so much time with him. How I wish I could turn back the clock...
Anyway, today's report: I took care of the lower sixers along with my friends. Was pretty troublesome considering one girl was acting like a bitch. *Ahem* forgive me for that word, but there are no other words to describe her anyway. Well, after break we came up with a simple game called pass the parcel. Enjoyable, considering the 'punishments' were kinda silly anyway. Imagine a guy being told to do a catwalk, while posing like a macho man down a corridor; or a guy proposing to a girl(that was Shu Yan!); and even a girl that had to act out the advertisement of Rejoice Shampoo. It was interesting..and it helped to kill the time.
Okay, I want to sleep now. It's 4.30am and I doubt mum will let me sleep in. *Sigh*

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