Monday, May 23, 2005

It's a public holiday today, but somehow itt does not feel like a public holiday at all. I'm having exams for another two more other words, two more lousy papers! Sigh, feel like killing myself...I don't have the mood for anything. Not even my fanfiction can cheer me up sometimes. Wondering why each and every single day.
Three days ago a good friend of mine touched down from another country. Three days ago. And I am not doing anything to meet her. Guilty? Somehow not. Again, it's weird. Beats me why, but somehow I am not really anticipating a meeting. Why? I have no idea...
Anyway, I'll be going on a school trip on the coming saturday till monday. It's going to be tiring considering I'll be travelling by bus during most of the trip anyway. Remind me to pack tons of sweets to prevent carsickness.
Don't have much to say today. Maybe I'll rant and rave another day. Bye.

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