Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well what do you know, my exams are finally over. Thank goddess for that! I doubt my results would be anywhere above seventy,but who cares? Hopefully I'll just pass! I woke up feeling disoriented...again. Somehow, I vaguely remember someone I knew once being in my dream. Pity I forgot who..until now. I was on the phone a while ago and guess what? I finally figured out who it was in my dream, though the specifics of it I am still unclear. It was Syed! My goodness, it's been so long since I even stared at his face or utter a single word to him, why in the world did he appear in my dreams so suddenly? One will never know. Perhaps that is what they meant by 'wonders will never cease'.
Anyway, I'm still writing on my fanfiction. I'm so glad that people actually takes time to read it, even those getting the reviews from them is slow! Haha, I suppose I'm more impatient for their reviews... My fanfiction's on chapter15 now, 1 prologue and 14 chapters. I'm actually pretty amazed that I could write that long, and that people actually reviews it in the first place! Hmmm...
I'm going on a rotary trip this coming saturday. Let me brief it out here: first, we'll all be gathered up at Kelab Shah Alam to get on the bus. There are about 24interactors,6orphans, and many rotarians going. Oh, and Puan Teen, our teacher advisor is going! My best bud, Alicia, and her not-so-little sister, Felicia, is going as well. Anyway, once we're on the bus, we'll be heading off to Ipoh, where we'll have lunch there. Lunch..the itenary mentioned two hours for it..Are we really going to take that long to eat?? Well, after that it's off to HENKEL Sdn. Bhd. whatever that place is. In the letter it says that that company manufactures soldering goods, but like I really care anyway. After that dull/interesting trip, we're off Bukit Merah Laketown Resort this time. Yay! My aunt and uncle stays there, so perhaps I could sneak off to their place! Haha!
We'll be having night games and so on there. I think I know what those games are..if I'm not mistaken, it's night trekking! Ugh! Remind me to bring along good shoes for hiking...
Well, the next day, we'll be off to Kangar, Perlis. Uhm...I forgot what we are going to do on this day! Anyway, on the following day, we'll be going to the air force base a.k.a. Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) at Perlis. It's only for awhile though *sigh* and then we'll be off to visit our former's prime minister's hometown or something. And blah blah blah...lunch..blah blah blah...we return home. I think it'll be around midnight when I reach! And I'm going out the next day to catch a movie! Whoa...let us all hope I have the energy for it in the first place!!

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