Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I just came back from Alor Setar, Kedah today, and boy, was I ever so tired! We travelled non-stop since afternoon, flitting from one place to the other! Here's a brief summary of what I did and where did I go:
Last Saturday we arrived at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort and I was given a room with Alicia, Felicia, and Puan Teen. Talk about a family! Man... Anyway, after checking in to the room, of we went to the ecopark. It was pretty fun there, what with the cute parrots having a performance for us (I love it when they started to paint, play football and bowling, and even play dead!) and the tame animals(rabbits,deers,sheeps,mice,hamsters,gueniea[correct spelling?] pigs, and rats!) for us to pet and feed. How I love to cuddle on the baby bunnies! They were so CUTE!! Hahaha...
Then at night we went for a night cruise, which was pretty boring, and went back to the ecopark to watch the nocturnal animals come to life. Was okay, but everyone was super tired and we did not really enjoy it.
On Sunday, we went to Gua Kelam, Perlis. It was nice there, and the walk in the cave was quite fun since the view was not so bad. Then we went to the snake farm after lunch. Believe it or not, I actually held and carried a huge python on my shoulders! Hahaha..I LOVE IT!! Man, if only I ever get to do it again, I will! The snake was sooooo cute, even though everyone was backing off! Hahaha...and guess what? The snake even tried to 'kiss' me when the keeper was taking it off me. Talk about weird love! LoL.... Anyway, we checked into the hotel in Kedah, which was the Grand Crystal Hotel. It was pretty okay there, but I think I kinda prefer the hotel in Bukit Merah. More comfortable!
Well, as for today, we went to the birthplace of our beloved former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir at Kedah. His place was not bad, and it was great to check back a house that lasted since the good old days. There was even pictures of him everywhere! Oh, and I saw a certificate from Cambridge: he scored credits for Malay Language and English Literature and Maths and something something...his Very Good was Geography, Arts and History of the British Empire! Not bad..not bad.....
Finally, it was time to go home. All of us checked out and boarded the bus, only stopping for short breaks and dinner. Boy oh boy, am I ever tired now! I need to get some rest....Goodnight for now ^^

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