Saturday, May 28, 2005

My school had teacher's day today. It was kinda fun,kinda boring. Well, first they had some teacher-student performances, then some present-giving ceremony by the prefects and librarians. Next was a short break before the mini sports started. The aerobics by the lower sixers were first, and they were joined by some female teachers and and a really tiny bit of male teachers. Guess what? Mr Kunalan, my maths teacher, gave up on the aerobics barely halfway through! I mean, like, omygosh! Ain't he supposed to be the one that is soooo enthutiastic over sports? But to fall out over an aerobic? Man! Anyway, I saw Mr.Kan, my class teacher a.k.a. my chem teacher played handball! Wow! He was so cool! For a teacher that rarely speaks and is so cute when he does! Hehehe...I think I really sayang that teacher the most in school! Hahahaha...
Well, it's time for me to pack today. I'll be leaving for my trip tomorrow. And I hafta wake up at 5am for it!! Sigh...Oh yeah, I FINALLY GOTTEN HOLD OF THE SONG BY MAKSIM!!! about miracles! I was beginning to think I would never find that song...Thank you ANDY!!! HAhahaha...Croation Rhapsody..pray you will allow me to actually PLAY your song without and mistakes.LoLx.Errrm...what else is there to say..Oh yeah, I tried playing that song, Croation Rhapsody, today. My fingers got tangled up and my pinky finger hurts from pressing the keys too much! Haahahaha...okay, I gotta go. Need my beauty nap for tomorrow. I'll update again when I return! Adios!!

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