Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Isn't life ironic? The way how they make you feel what you want to feel, before ripping them into shreds? What is it with emotions and manipulating you, just like a worthless puppet on strings?
Went to watch 'DiverGence' yesterday. Dumb movie, pathetic characters, but an awesome assassin. Perhaps that was the only one that kept me awake throughout the movie..
Something is wrong with me, and I can feel it. There is no way it is a fatal disease or whatnot, because it isn't, though it would be much easier if it is so. Somehow I get the feeling that I do not like what I used to like anymore, which is in both ways, good and bad. The ironic part is, the changes in me are mostly connected to my emotions and thoughts, and could affect everyone around me. What am I to do? Taking my life cause of it is definitely a dumb thing to do, though tempting as it was once.
There is no such thing as great relief, huh? People keep on blabbering about on and on about how great they feel about some stuff, and how positive they are on things. Great. They're too peppy anyway. Why can't anyone see past the mask I put on, the pain that refuses to leave, and the agony of a myriad of emotions? Oh bother, now I sound like a whimpering fool. Perhaps I am after all...

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