Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day today. Did not do much though, we basically stayed at home. Oh, we went to Tesco to get some stuff, which ended up buying practically everything anyway. Went to aunt's house, which was even more boring. Nothing to do at all save to chat grown up stuff that makes me feel like crying...out of boredom!
Was contemplating about love today. What is 'love' anyway? Is it about where two people express their desires to one another? Or is it where one feels a strong sense of emotion towards another? Or both? And how do you express love? By kisses, presents and whatnot? If so, could it be that I 'love' my classmate for giving him a gift just for fun? Does that count as 'love' too? I admit, I have said 'I love you' and had my share of it in return, but I can't help wondering, what does it actually mean. Was I supposed to feel a tug in my heart each time I said it? Because if yes, then I am sure what I felt definitely was not love. Was love supposed to make you miss another? Was it meant to make you feel listless if 'he' is not around? I don't get it, what really is 'love'??

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