Saturday, July 16, 2005

*Sigh* I have just wasted precious time doing basically nothing at all in school today! No teachers, no studies, no nothing! Hmm..I should be celebrating by then, no stress or whatsoever-but I'm not. Why? Weell...I guess it's because I need that stress to carry on in my studies. I need that particular stress to motivate me in studying..and to ensure that my mum won't nag at me for not studying! But anyway, I just wanted to get out from the boredom in school. Heck, I'd rather stay at home and start spouting poetries or something that to sit dazedly staring at the blank ceiling above me in my classroom. Then again, anything would be better than a classroom.
Ah well, I'm home now anyway. Just had my lunch a few moments ago. I wanted to cook instant mee, but nooo...mum wanted takeaway. So I had to drag my bum all the way up to change, grab my purse, and head off to get her her lunch. *sigh* And I'll be dragging my bum away pretty soon. In a few hours time I'm off to Sunway Pyramid for my mum's routinely massage there. Which means I'll be spending another lonesome hour doing hab-sho-lute-ly NOTHING! I don't even want to window shop man..I just want one thing..and I know I can never get it anyway. It's too far from my grasp *sigh*
I seem to be sighing alot, am I? Heh, ah's my blog, I get to rant and rave all I want. Anyway, gotta go now. Sims 2 is beckoning me to start my cutesy yet troublesome family! Hahahaha....

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