Saturday, September 10, 2005

Had a bad dream. No, make that two. The first one was pretty much scary. I dreamt that my cousin-in-law was missing, and that she left spooky messages everywhere. It was pictures, pictures of something that I couldn't comprehend. And on the pictures there were scribbled words like "how could you betray me like this?" and so on. I can't really remember. And the odd thing is, even though those pictures were everywhere, especially on table tops and counters, no one but me could see it. My mum thought I was mad and so did my aunt. Then suddenly there was a green glow on one side of the wall. It was a small portal, I should think, around the size of a basketball. A picture emerged and glided on the wall, moving in one big circle before going back into the portal. At first I couldn't see what the picture was. Then to my horror I realised it was a picture of her and her husband and my cousins on her wedding. It was really spooky. The next thing I know, there was this weird pipe sticking out from the ceiling and weird noises started to spook me out terribly. I screamed and slumped on the floor, closing my ears. My mum looked at me concernedly. I think she did not see that pipe anyway. She kept asking what's wrong but I just closed my ears. The noise was horrible. It was as though someone with a really bad sorethroat was trying to speak, but ended up wheezing terribly. ugh!
Then I had a second dream, which came right after my first. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it's true. It was situated in a restaurant of some sort. Somehow, the remnants of my first dream seemed to affect this one. I was pretty much uneasy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this restaurant is by the SEA. Yeah, uh-oh. Guess what happens next? Tsunami!! Yeah, it was. Weird huh. This what how it happened-my sis was paying up for some food and I kept looking at the window facing the sea/ocean/whatever. The next thing I know, the water grew sort of shallow(I can't remember the exact word for it) and short but snappy waves started to form. the next thing I know, a large one came. I grabbed my sister's arm and pulled her towards the exit. My mum was also there, but it was as though she did not realise a thing. I grabbed her hand as well and tried to scream out to everyone inthe restaurant to run, but my voice was stuck. Everyone around me was oblivious of the fact that a huge wave was coming. I, we, went out from the restaurant and started to run for the exit, via away from the sea. It was only then that I realised everyone around me had noticed it and started screaming and panicking and running away. Guess it was also then that my mum realised something was amiss, especially since I had found my voice back and started screaming shrilly. The last thing I remembered before I woke up abruptly was that my mum crying out, "Oh god, I don't wanna die! I wanna go back to Malaysia!" and then the waves roared up behind me very loudly.
Then I woke up.

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