Saturday, April 29, 2006's been a long time since i've last used blogger huh? I guess I've been busy...NOT!! ahahaha...i'm just plain lazy here.LOL.
anyways, been working for almost two months here and will be awfully glad when Sunday arrives. THAT IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!! muahahahaha...sooooo happy about it!! *dances with joy*
on the sad note, my great grandaunt's best friend passed away this morning >.< so we'll be going to penang directly after my work *sob*
on the brighter note...I'll finally have enough to complete my cosplay projects!! yaaay!!!! plus, i'll be getting an Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit AND a yukata!! hurrah for me!!! after so freakin long of not buyin any clothes, this will be fun!! ahahahahaha....
all right, time to snooze. work starts in less than 12 hours time *sobsob* *sigh*
please zap those annoying bastards and bitches that seem to try and find fault with me *prays* better yet...just shut their freakin lips up! can't stand them >.< can't wait for these two days to be OVER!

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