Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogathon 2006 has come to an end

Yeah, me and Sabz
Me and Haritha =3
Me and Sabz...again
Me and Yue Mei
Me and Dorothy...we look like those happy/sad

Phew!! After 48 posts every half an hour for the past 24 hours...I'm finally done! I'm beat. I need sleep. But now I wonder if I'm able to sleep after this excitement. *sighs*
Oh well, I'm just so happy!! Weee...... hehehehe. Oh so in case you would like to read my posts, check out this link =]
I'm off to take a bath and to my lovely, lovely bed *daydreams*
oh and these are for dorothy, sabs, yue, and anyone who wanted these pics. *smiles*
see? i'm so kind. after 24 hours of blogging and i'm still taking time to do this for ya. say 'thank you, melissa'. hehehe....

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