Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ode the Joy

Haven't slept since 3.30pm yesterday and it's doing funny things to my body.Lol. Why am I not sleeping, you ask? Well, it's because i'm currently on the Blogathon 2006. To summarize what the heck is Blogathon 2006, it is an event where bloggers blog for their charity. In other words, we, the bloggers blog, and donaters donate to our blog. That was, we earn money for the charityy we're blogging for ^^,
I'm blogging for the Royalty Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) so yeah, do visit my blog anytime today if you can at ya? ^^
Other storylines: I'm in the editorial board. Yeap, I am. And I'm now officially going to be busy....*sigh* I wonder now if I should continue in Leo Club as VP cause I can't stand the stress anymore.
Oh! I almost forgot! Our Malaysian Studies Final Project Display!! was rather silly actually. Just a handful people turned up unfortunately, and our beloved lecturer didn't even show up cause he had a meeting *sighs* oh was fun anyway.
I'm not going to get marks for my email invitation.Lol. Too bad.Oh well...can't blame him for reprimanding me.I didn't pay attention in class anyway. My mind, as usual, blanked out, as though going through screensaver mode. So yeah, no marks for me there =(
Oh oh oh! Almost time to blog again!! Okay, I'm changing blogs now!! See ya for now!!

P/S: This blogathon started 9pm yesterday and finishes at 9pm today. So yeah, I shall not be sleeping till then >_<

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