Tuesday, August 01, 2006

*damn tired*
i don't even want to rant anymore. Just feel so damn emo these days. *sigh*
well, went to college today, photographed like 15 people whom are going to further their studies overseas...got RM10 voucher for free lunch...rushed thru my final project assignment..and so on.
Mum's in a bad mood...again.Sheesh. She's always in a bad mood these days. I wonder what would her reaction be if she knows the condition of my account...hmmmm....*runs and hides*
lol.oh well, gotta go. Too lazy to write a nice long rant today. See ya.

Oh, and thanks Adrian for helping me type and print my paperworks. So sorry to hear about your problem, so cheer up kays? ^^ *hugz*

Haritha...saw you today...what were you doing with Daniel herm???? hahahahaha.....

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