Friday, August 04, 2006


I'm so goddamn tired today. Went to college only to face our beloved lecturer whom was in a bad mood in my opinion. But a little bird told me that he is always like that in the morning.Haha.Whichever, who cares? It's over. I was desperately sleepy throughout the whole two hours in class that I kept yawning, which I tried mad. Haha. Haritha and Daniel had fun, since they're sitting next to each other. Honestly, I gotta stop acting like a lamp post already! I always feel left out at this kind of situations! Yeah, yeah, three's a crowd..I know I know. And before any of you start thinking, "Daniel and Haritha are a couple now??" well, think again. Haha. They're just FRIENDS. F-R-I-E-N-D-S. Do get that in your head. I know how it feels to be labelled as a 'couple' when I was with my good friend, whom is a boy. It's ironic really, that I prefer the company of a boy more than a girl. I wonder why...
But one thing's for sure, I LOVE THE COMPANY OF THE CF-ERS!!! Muahahaha...They really do make me feel like home. Hisashi(Shaun) once asked me whether Yukina and I are best friends. Well, I know I am close to her, and that I love to chat with her, but it is not my say to say that we are best friends,right? If it is meant to be, then it is meant to be. All the same, Yukina is like a sister to me now. Hehehe..It's fun to be with her.
Okay back on to what happened today. Well, I went home after lunch with Daniel, Haritha and Shafiq(I think that's his name, picked up mum, then sent her to the EON Bank before going to Alliance Bank to bank in her cheque. Then when we reached home, I went to have a nap. Unfortunately, my nap was interrupted (and I only closed my eyes for like 5 minutes!) by my mum cause we had to go and take a visit to our new house to settle a few more glitches. Oh yeah, the house. It's awesome! I LOVE MY NEW ROOM!!!! HAhahahahaa.....
Oh that meeting took us for about an hour before leaving that place. And I couldn't sleep when we reached home cause my sister suggested to go to Sunway Pyramid when she finishes her work. Hmmmmmm......
Was so damn tired and cranky when we went there. What's more, my sister went shopping, or window-shopping. And she asked me why the heck don't I like shopping?? Now how am I to like it when I am saving my money for something else? The lesser I see, the lesser temptations I need to resist, eh? *wink*
All the same, my sis bought me TWO new pair of jeans/slacks. Cool!! Now I finally have pants...hahahaha...Goodbye short skirts!! Hello pants!!!! I doubt my poor knees could bear the cold any longer anyway!
Okay so now I'm home, and this post is getting waaaay too long! So yeah, I'll stop now. Oh, it's Friday already. Didn't realize it is 1.11am now.Hahahaha....I'm so pathetic at times *grins sheepishly*

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