Monday, August 14, 2006

Days of Light and Darkness....

Firstly, to anyone who is reading this post, back off if you're not used to swearings, cause ooooh yeah, I'm gonna swear my head off for all I care. Too goddamn pissed.

Let's start with the 12th of August. That was the ONLY good day I had.

Attended Ginger's August Tea Party Outing at Berjaya Times Square, Starbucks Coffee First Floor. Met Sushi Usagi, Aiko Jin, Mogi, Gypsydres, Darknight, Wataru, Neon, Giner(of course!) and Mugen Panda. We all had brought along our plushies to join in our tea party and Ginger brought her home-baked chocolate cake. It was pretty solid, till Ginger found it hard to CUT it properly. So the cake ended up in crumbles.Haha. But it was still nice. I pinched the cake here and there cause well, I was too lazy to get a spoon to spoon up the crumbs.

We had tons of fun, and we even snapped pictures of ourselves with our plushies, and group pics. There were even strangers that took our pictures! That was weird, but nice. Anyway, we stayed there till about five in the evening, then headed off to the arcade. I saw the Para-Para machine and I LOVED the sight of it. But I will never step on it, ever. Too scary. Neon was amazing. He danced four rounds...twice! Watching him dancing was good enough.

Anyways, left the place at about seven p.m. Took the Monorail to KL Sentral before taking the KTM Komuter to Subang Jaya, as mum told me to meet them there for dinner. Just as well, I was starving! (With only a small Java Chip Frappucino and a small pinching of chocolate cake, I wasn't full at all). So that concludes Saturday's enjoyment.

13 August 2006

Slept for about two hours before being awakened by my sister at 4.45am. Had to send her to USJ14 to her friend's house since she'll be departing to Pulau Redang via Air Asia. Drove back home and reached home at about 5.30pm. Slept back again. Woke up at 9.30am. Took mum to see our new house, and to give the person in charge for the renovation his check, which turned out my mum writing the wrong name for his company. So went back home, and I went to bath and change as I am going to the PC Fair in KLCC Convention Center at 12pm. But plans were dashed as my mum asked me to accompany her to the new house again cause my sister's chest of drawers has just arrived and was about to be delivered to the new house. So back to the house it is, this time with me being ready to go out.

Drove to the new house, and guess what? The key to the padlock on the gate is missing. So we had to drive all the way back to our house and find the key. Lucky for us the distance between the two houses are still near! So we went back, and I looked at the time. It was already 12.05pm. I just missed tthe bus. Drat. Well, we saw to the delivery, and when that is all over, it was already 12.30pm. Missed yet another bus. Damn. So mum suggested lunch nearby the bus stop. Didn't want to at first cause I was already in a fucking bad mood, but I just said yeah. So we ate. And I went to wait for the bus. It was already 1pm and the bus wasn't moving. It didn't even move until 1.10pm. Took me an hour to reach KL, namely Pasar Seni LRT Station. Had to rush up to catch the LRT, pity it was full. I had to wait for the next one. Then Lam called me, asking where I am. So I said I was on the way, and he told me to misscall him when I'm there so he can call me back, which I did. And he told me that they were in the PC Fair already. Well, the nerve! I was so fucking pissed about it I just gave curt replies. So goddamn not in the mood! And here I thought I could see my friends, or my so-called friends, and they could help me out. But noooo, they had to go first. So fuck whatever, I entered the fair myself. Stupid bloody fucking crowd. Had to squash my way around. Then the most horrible thing happened: I was molested, or 'knobbed' as my friend put it. I was trying to get to a booth selling HDDs and there was this fucking perverted OLD bastard that kept pushing me from behind, til his dick is pushing to my butt. I mean, what the hell, you fuckin man. Lay off! I kept glaring at him but I couldn't do anything cause I couldn't even move. All I could do was shift from one side to another, which HE FOLLOWED the same. What the hell man, I was so goddamn pissed that when it was my turn to order what I want from the booth, I just told the girl in charge no need to wrap. I just wanted to FUCKING GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!

And the whole time I was suffering his bloody molest(which, by the way, he kept doin in irritatingly, and he even went 'up and down' as though he's doin it! (&@#)(*&@^@#*&^@#), all I could think was how could my friends leave me be just like that. There I was, being 'knobbed' and no fucking guy friend was available for me to use as protection. Granted, that is a selfish thought. But I'm a spineless coward all the same. I can't handle situations like this. So yeah, THANKS ALOT YOU LOT!! YOU MADE MY FUCKING MISERABLE LIFE COMPLETE!

I left the fair feeling pissed, and met up with Fung Lye and Chieh Yee. Then I left, I didn't even bothered to meet up with the rest when they were out from the fair. Bloody LRT Station was so fucking crowded, that we had to LINE UP to get IN. AND THE TRAIN WAS PACKED LIKE SARDINES IN A CAN!! I should say even the sardine tin has more space than in the train! Well, went home feeling pretty pissed. Switched on the laptop for awhile, posted a few posts in a few forums, then went to sleep my bad mood off.

15 August 2006

Woke up at 9.30am cause my godma was supposed to come, but she couldn't make it so we hafta go to her house later. So I switched on my sister's laptop and started to check my forums. Wished I hadn't do that. Got pissed off again. One of the forum pissed me off. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ADVERTISING??? I mean, unless you wish to state it in T&C, like the CF forum, DON'T YOU DARE TELL US WHAT THE HELL WE CAN'T DO!! Honestly, I'm so not gonna enter that forum as much as I want anymore. It pisses me off. The founder is narrow-minded and to me, rather immature for not being able to be more flexible, and the moderator, which so far I only KNOW ONE, IS A SUCK UP KISSER!!! Oooooh yeaaah, he is a kiss-up. I'm pissed, so my words are pretty harsh. But I can't help it, haven't been in a good mood. So to that forum, GO TO HELL ALREADY!!! Next time you don't want us to say ANYTHING, PLEASE STATE IT IN THE FORUM ITSELF AND DON'T PM US IN PRIVATE INSTEAD! THAT'S A COWARDLY ACT TO DO.

Then I read Juin's post, which showed that she was also as pissed off as I am, but on a different matter. Which then made me wonder: Is everyone in a bad mood? Wow.....

Okay, I gotta go. This day ain't over yet so I need to get it over with. Hopefully, this day won't go off into a bad end, like yesterday.

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