Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Walk In My Shoes...

What is it with life and people living it?
What is it with health and wealth and how they abuse it?
What is it with fear or acceptance over something new?
Why must we shun something different, when we are all unalike another?


A walk in my shoes...

I woke up again,
To the gloomy skies beyond,
Staring at the cracked ceiling,
I wondered what will it be today,
Will I be finally accepted?
Or will I be shunned again?
Why, oh why must I be scorned?
I am just like you,
A girl, with emotions, with feelings,
I wish to be loved, and love in return,
I wish for happiness and understanding,
Just like you.

I walked and walked,
Volleys of hisses and malovelent stares swam before my eyes,
I looked ahead determinedly,
Refusing to bend down to their antagonism,
Then suddenly, i felt something on my crown,
Stinging pain laced with raw fear raced to my brain,
I fell, only to receive two blows on my back,
I tried to look up, but I can't,
Why, oh why?
Why me?
Can't you see that I am you?
I wish to be seen, to be heard, to be loved,
You treat me as though I'm a sin, a shame,
But I am not, no!
I am you, the you that you have deserted,
Hunger for lust, eager for attention,
You betrayed me,
You left me,
You didn't bother helping me,
But just stared ahead,
You didn't laugh with the rest,
You didn't cry even as I watched,
You stood there like a statue,
I cried inside,
For a sister that I've never had,
How could you?

As I felt my life seeping away,
I made a last wish,
For you to hug me,
Cherish me, love me,

As I watched the stars swimming, and darkness consuming me,
I closed my eyes and smiled bitterly,
For my life would just end now,
An empty shell for no reason to live.

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