Monday, October 16, 2006

Agony, pure Agony...

Four days without streamyx is pure torture for me. Seriously. My mailbox is filled with spams, and I can't even get to check on latest updates in forums *sighs* I can't even send in my submission for kiDChan's art competition. Was supposed to present on Wicca with another classmate of mine, but sadly enough, our names went 'missing' from the list. And when I asked her about it, she said, "Don't come to me about this. Go to the girl in charge(our cass rep.) and tell her about it. Go and talk to her about it." In my mind I was like, WHAT the HELL man???? Are you the freakin' lecturer or is my classmate the goddamn lecturer? Well, I can tell you I was downright pissed off. There was this two guys' names on the list that were 'supposedly' presenting on Wicca, and I pointed out that those two COULD be in the wrong list, but what did she say? "Just add those two into your group then."Man, I was steaming, no, boiling then! Shows how pissed I was with her. Though she is the goddamn lecturer, how dare she tell us one thing then another the next instance, and SCOLD US FOR NOT LISTENING PROPERLY??? Damn her man...Heard there were a lot of complaints on this lecturer so will see what will happen now. Heard there will be a petition going on too about her so yeah, can't wait for it. I'm seriously pissed off with her now cause if she is still so goddamn indecisive about her decisions, what will happen to us?? First she says one thing, then the next she says another! And then she scolds us if we ask her about it! What sort of lousy lecturer is this? Grrr....Well, enough ranting for today. Am just glad I can make it online today. Just wish I could go on mIRC *sigh* miss you guys in there a lot man! And yes, even the perverted talks in there!

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