Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Arrrgh!!! My house finally has Streamyx but guess what? I CAN'T CONNECT!!!! Reason? It seems that my DSL Line is Disconnected. Damnation...I miss my comp!! I hate college comps!! So slow...haiiiiih...Anyway, was kind of tired again. Then again, I'm always tired!! Hahahaha...Yesterday I had Psychology and Chemistry classes. Psychology class was okay...the first group did their presentation and well, I was torn between being impressed by their intepretation of the movie, and impatience at their lack of proper grammar. Sheesh. At least learn the words properly man! Chem class was, well, entertaining this time. Why is that? Hahaha, well for starters, I didn't pay attention in class!! Hahahaha...the horrors!! XP Had fun with Edmund, Nina, Haritha, Joseph and Vicky. Literally! For the first time ever, I did not even bother to pay attention in class. Yeeps! Well, not in Chem class anyway. I'm ignoring the World Religions class at the moment. Too damn pissed off with her. I heard yesterday that because a lot of us left the class after break, she told the remaining students that those who are not in the class at that time is considered absent. I don't care. Do what she wants to do. I'm too damn pissed. I mean, hello? This is college man! In the first place, I was told that if I wish to leave class earlier, the lecturer won't give a damn. Attendance is to be taken only fifteen minutes after the class starts. So what the hell is wrong with her? She's being a bitch she truly is, I suppose *sigh* Can't believe we all hafta put up with her for the next few semesters. All thanks to the fact that we'll be stuck with her in sociology and philosophy. Damn her!Well, at least I'm feeling better today! Just attended the F.I.R.E. Club meeting a few hours back and we're going to organize a Halloween Night Party!!! Weee!! I'm in charge of food unfortunately. Hahahha. Me, the food project manager! Sounds...scary!! Muahahahaha....I can't wait! It's going to be on the 17th of November and everyone's invited! Of course, you gotta pay for the entrance but if you wear your costume, you get RM3 less!! Hu hu come one come all to this event!! I wanna see everyone!! Hehehe....Okay, I'm having maths class later. yippee-ai-eh. yeah right. So laziee to attend class but... *sighs*Till next time, this is me signing off for today :)

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