Friday, October 06, 2006

Exhausted! Again!

Yay! My cupboard is finally done! Now to wait until the stinky smell goes away...
Well, made yet another trip to PutraHeights again, that is, to my new house. Dragged even more stuff there. Goodness, my room is now officially loaded with all my junk! Hahaha...Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of most of them soon...Need to clear some stuff still! Gah!
Can't wait for us shifting in soon!
Oh goddess, next week is my midterm exam and I'm not ready yet! *prepares to cry* Intro to World Religions...and Psychology. Goddess, give me strength! I am so doomed now! And now since I will be busy tomorrow and the day after over the new house...WHEN CAN I STUDY??? *dies* *dies*
Luckily my psychology ain't THAT bad...I think. *prays hard for simple questions*

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