Monday, October 09, 2006

What A Heck of a Day!!!!

Yesterday was Sunday, which meant that it was the day my family moved to our new home. Sad thing was, there were only four men to help, and one of them had less strength than I do.LOL!!! Kinda sad really, cause there were a lot of furniture to be shifted to the new house,and we were short of man power. *sobsob*Well, to start off the day, my sis and I slept for about 3-4 hours only whereas my mum and Auntie Toni did not sleep at all cause they couldn't sleep. Talk about them being excited.LOL!Haha. Anyway, woke up at about 8.30am and began finishing off packing at about 9am. The lorry came in at about 11am so in the meanwhile, we began shifting other items into the new house. Even then it was tiring!When the lorry arrived, we began piling up the furniture into it slowly. Then again, I wasn't there. Haha. Had to stay at the new house with Aunt Toni. But Aoi (the ONLY one who came to help.LoL.) was sent to my old house to help out. Haha.Well, shifting in the furniture took approximately half a day and by the end of the day, we were all exhausted. Worst thing is, for me, exam is on Monday! And I didn't even study for it!! AAAAhhhh......And if you're wondering how did i fare in my exam today, the answer would be "AAAAARRRGHHHH!!!!!"I didn't know the categories of religious systems in Introduction to World Religions, and I have no idea what the hell did I crap about in the definition of Culture, and the comparison of races and ethnicity. Damn! Damn! Damn!! I'm so going to die in this mid-term... *cries*Well, Day One of exam is more to go. And that is on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be more prepared for the two coming exams, which are Chemistry and Maths. *prays hard*
Oh, and to those that are reading this, I will not be able togo online for about a week, since my sis haven't register nor transfer the streamyx into our new house. Bleh. So miss me lots ya? hehehehe.... And don't talk behind my back!! Muahahahahaha....

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