Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mission: Assignment

And THAT assignment is finally done!! At last!! *dances with joy* Amazing how one can crap so much on how to prepare+write a eulogy...and at the same time have no idea at all how to crap it in the first place. Ahahaha...Oh well, I'm glad that is over. Thank You Dorothy for helping me print it out and send it in for me! *huggles Dorothy* Be sure to remind me to buy you a chocolate milkshake the next time I see you! Ahahaha...
Anyway, what happened today? Well, I had my Public Speaking mid-term exam today. Sounds intimidating? Not at all! It was actually. Haha. True, I was so freaking nervous before it was my turn. But when I was in front, my nervousness dissipated a little. Heck, my voice shook! But then again, my voice ALWAYS shake when I'm supposed to speak in public. Hahaha...fault of mine *giggles*
Was so moody when I came back. Tried to draw mum out from her thunderclouds, but failed to. Finally, I just went to take a short nap. Even then she shouted at me and told me to fold the clothes *sweatdrops* Oh well...I didn't do it in the end. Had to go to the hypermarket to buy charcoal. In case you are wondering, my new cupboard arrived at my new house yesterday! Yay! Pity it was delivered at 12.00 midnight...Was so freaking tired later on. But still satisfied. Unfortunately, the smell of thinner or turpentine or the paint of the cupboard was really...strong. It teared up my eyes and made me choke and cough. So my mum suggested we get a bag of charcoal and leave it in each room to clear away the smell. And whaddya worked!! Hahaha...I'm so happy. Now I can enter my room without groping around blindly for the door...or the windows.
Okay, I'm dreadfully tired now. I need to rest first. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me since I have to finish off packing up my room...and I hate doing so because I'M LOUSY AT IT! *sighs* I'm doomed to my mum's naggings and scoldings...

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