Monday, April 28, 2008

Cosplays and Dollfie

Have you ever wanted something really badly, so badly that you wouldn't mind forgo food or entertainment just for that sake? I have.

Meet my first cosplay project, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 1

I saved up about RM150 for this. It was,
RM100 for tailoring
RM40 for materials (for costume as well as shoes and accessories)
RM11 for shoes
RM25 for haircut (I was too lazy to get a wig for this LOL)

Second Cosplay Project, Black Lady from Sailor Moon. This was also done same time with Kairi

thanks MinTos for this picture!!! ^~^v

Hahaha I look weird in that picture....Anyways this one cost me a bomb, especially the wig. For this, I won't disclose the total amount I spent :P I'm too embarassed *blushes*

Third Cosplay Project, Year 2008. Rima Toya from Vampire Knight (Female on the left)

I can't remember who snapped this picture, so if you know, do tell me kays? Thanks! ^^ credited in the picture anyways though :P
For this, total spenditure was approximately RM400.

So yes, I like cosplay a lot. People asks, why do I do it? I'm not exactly sure why really, I think the closest answer I can give is that this was what I dreamt of doing since I was young (remember all those Barbie-doll-lookalike-contests?) and I grew to know about this at a very later age (about 18 years old). Yes, I spend a heck load of money to this, but I find satisfaction in knowing that I am able to work for what I want, and also, I am able to sharpen several skills I never knew existed within me. For example, I learn how to style wigs. Yeah, serious. Though I'm still pretty bad at it...

So how do I get the money for it? (Yes, I can see that it is jaw-dropping, that price) Well, when I first set my determination to cosplay for the very first time, I had taken a part time job as a promoter that paid me pretty well (RM1k for two months lol). Every day at work, I kept saying to myself that I need to save up my money to create the costumes and find the remaining materials for the projects I had. And I did it (Yay!)

Being a student, I know that it is hard to both work and study at the same time. I am experiencing the same thing now, especially since college life is dominating my other lives. Hahaha. So for now, I am slowly saving up money for my next cosplay project, Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden. But before that, I am saving up for my very first Dollfie. What is a dollfie? Visit this place for more info please! ^^

Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden

This is my dream girl I am saving up. It's going to take me at least four months to save up if I'm very careful...since I want to try and get her by my birthday :3

Yeah, she's pricey XDDDDDD But I still want her anyway XP Will update more on her later on.

Goodness I crapped a heck load today. My left arm is sore and my backbone hurts for some reason. Ah well. Exams tomorrow, wish me luck!!!! ^^

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