Sunday, April 27, 2008

To My Dear Mistress and BL

After four months, I am reliving this blog again. Hahaha....

Since not many people knows well about this blog, I won't talk much about me....but if you do recognize me in the pictures, then you know it is me but shut up about it in real life okay? Unless you are my friend, and you mean well, no point being a baby and bleating away to some random people to talk about me in front of me hmm?

So let's start off with some alternate reality stuff I have with me. These are the things that is going on in my life, but with a twist to it. No names will be mentioned, everything will be coded. It is only to those who knows me well, or hears me rant, will know about it.

First and foremost, to my dearest mistress, take deep breaths and never lose faith okay? I know it is pretty hard for you, going through the hardships of life, especially now, but everything will eventually come to an end 29 months later (unless I miscalculated or read wrongly...). As you mentioned, Doll will constantly be by your side, and she is a sweet thing, I know. Be with her, I have a strong feeling the two of you will be good for each other. I am sorry if I cannot be a true or good friend by not responding, for I realized within myself that I can also be a cold-hearted person at times. Well, not cold-hearted, but more of a person with no emotions at the wrong times. Yes, unfortunately it is true. I cannot react properly according to situation. I react at wrong times, especially when I am alone. So for all of the assurances I gave you, I do mean them, but, I think by now you had already known or realized that the more awkward I speak, the harder it was for me to express my feelings. Kinda makes you wonder if I was about to confess my love for you or something. lol.

Mistress my dear, I have read what you wrote, and what he wrote too. I won't be using the same coded name you gave him, but I guess, I shall call him...BL? Hahaha.....Don't think elsewhere, okay? Reason is simple enough: it is something that is definitely related to him...perhaps a study hmm? Anyways, back to what I was saying...for the two of you to be together, I suppose this is like a time trial too see if your love will go for the distance (Hercules style *nods*) and also to test your patience. I cannot continue being a middle person constantly, not with him promising not to keep contact with you, and even though he is not directly contacting you, sending notes, or sms-es via your friends....that is still indirect contact, is it not? We, the friends, can only do this much to help...and even if we do keep track of the both of your healths and well-doing and whatnots, we cannot play cupid's wings and fly back and forth often. No, I don't mean to sound discouraging, nor am I feeling resentful here. I understand what the two of you are going through, even if I never had a successful relationship of my own (lol yay me *snickers*), but a promise is a promise. Therefore, by the end of next week, I shall also make sure that promise is being kept between the two of you. It won't be easy, no one ever said it will, but we are all here for you, and even if I have to be the bitchy one here, so be it. I don't want to be the one who will end up making the two of you suffer if her parents suddenly and miraculously find out about it.

Exams are next week. I haven't fully studied yet. As usual, I cannot concentrate. Hahaha....Gaming is going straight up to my head.

Friend's birthday on the 5th. Planning to go....but...transport. Hmmmm........

I wonder if I will continue being vigilant in keeping this blog updated. Perhaps I will....

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