Thursday, April 22, 2010

How am I?


I'm too lazy to update and everyone knows it *whistles* Nothing much has happened, still the same old same old.

People tend to ask me this question rather frequently to the point that I simply don't know how to answer them anymore. What question? This: "So how are you coping up there?" or any similar variations to that question.

My answer?

Yes, I am fine thanks. I'm glad for your concerns, believe me, but at times, it is hard to answer to that question. Sure, I'm fine. But to elaborate? What am I to say? I am fine, but at the moment, I'm lazing my days away at home, getting housework done when I feel like it, suffering irregular sleep due to insomnia, eating irregularly to the point that I'm losing to my internal clock of food balance (eh?), among other things.

So bottomline? I'm fine thanks. But aside from that, I'm probably not fine. Go figure

My internship's over, so now I'm rushing for my report which is due tomorrow. Yep, I am definitely a master of procrastination heh. Once this is done, I need to start clearing my room properly (about 60% is done, I gotta clear my bed and the huge pile of handbags by the corner before vacuuming and mopping the floor) which by the way, made me discover helluva lot of junks I know I can sell. But heyla, I'm too lazy too. Hahahahaha.

How about I just post up some pictures once I snapped pictures of them, post them up, and see if anyone's interested in purchasing them? I think some has cosplay potential, though I couldn't be bothered to figure out if they have the potential lol.

Alex, Luna and Qwerty accompanies me daily, they're feeling rather snuggly with my plushies at the moment X3 According to Choco, Sebby will be arriving sometime in May, and Mei Li might arrive about 5 months later. Cool~more dollies to molest over hahahahahaha~ Alex misses Shirota though, since she rarely gets to meet him, and Luna wants to play with Elise even more. Poor Eri, no one misses him? Hahahahaa nah, Alex and Luna misses him too ^_^;;

So life's a revolving door of mystery, no one knows what would the next step lead to. My next step would be my Psychology Special Project, and my Evaluating Behavioral Research class for Summer Semester. Let's just hope I can nail this one perfectly.

I'm still thinking of whether to retake EBR though, cause retake fee is...expensive. 1.2k FTW. I'm doomed *sighs*

Once I start working, it's PTPTN and bills to pay. The future looks bleak =/

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