Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Journey to Remember

Kan Cheong says Hi to you! (It rather bothers me that this kitteh has the EXACT same name as my Chemistry teacher) 

Last Saturday was an interestingly meaningful day I had experienced after so long! I attended a lolita outing for the very first time, played and disturbed Trumpet and her kitties for the very first time, met up with Guki's mum for the very first time, and saw many lolitas up close and personal for the very first time! A nice experience, and an eye-opener as well :)

The many lolitas I have met at the outing was...interesting. It was nice to meet up with those I have not met in ages (BunnyChan, May, Aiko, JinLin to name a few) and those whom I have met for the first time (Priscilla, Emily, Goldfish? XD)

To my acute surprise and well...frankly I was just surprised - Suz is actually my pet bro's cousin! Way to go us! Hahahaha it was indeed a nice surprise. Maybe next time Suz can drag her cousin to another lolita outing? Hahahahaha

Lunabelle and Elise attended the outing as well! They were very much well loved on that day :)

Remember how I said attending the lolita outing was an eye opener? I actually learned more new terms and was being updated on the lolita fashion and mentality just in one day. Sad to say, I failed in the crossword puzzle, in which I only knew that Lolita likes Cakes, and Lolita isn't Cosplay. Heh. I have more to learn.

I am now wishing I have another JSK and a blouse to match my current JSK. Still, cash constraints isn't nice, now is it?

A group shot of us lolita at The Chocolate Lounge last Saturday. See the photo bomber at the background? He was really amused at all of us, and his colleagues too. I got amused listening to their cracks (though some of those remarks can be rather rude)

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