Thursday, May 20, 2010

Test drive Makeup (Half-Half)

Had a test run with makeup style (at 4.30am in the mornig zomg) and decided to try applying makeup on only one side of my face ^^

Here's the results! I'm too lazy to add other pictures of my progress hahahahaha

The applied makeup on my face (notice I only focused on my eyes) ^^

I have clogged pores that I haven't cleared yet is bumpy TwT Plus I suffered a bad batch of breakout due to that time of the month =/ Fixing that now

Scary me x.X;; See the wonderful cover up of cosmetics!! Roflmao

Makeup used:
ELF Eye Concealer & Brightener (for the eyebag)
ELF Concealer (to conceal imperfections on sides of nose and nose)
ELF Corrective Concealer (green on redness, light skintone on undereye for extra coverage)
Elianto loose shimmer powder

ELF Eye Transformer (pale brown as base)
88 Eyeshadow Palette - Pale silver on middle part of the eye and waterline, Mid-brown on inner eye, Dark brown+black on outer eye
ELF pencil eyeliner
False lashes
Eyebrow pencil (bought from MTM)
Well that was a fun makeover hahahahahahaha~~~


mel@aiko said...

makes ur eyes bigga! ^^b

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

lawls yeah the power of false lashies XD