Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TC2014 [Life: Challenge]

Everyone loves challenges, as long as it doesn't bite right back at you often. For me, challenges come in many different shapes and sizes. Some may pounce, while others merely knock politely to be acknowledged.

I face many challenges in life, just like any other ordinary human being out there. Sometimes, challenge finds me. On other times, I seek the challenge out myself.

In this post, I will share what are the challenges that I seek to accomplish in life this year 2014. They are an assortment of challenges ranging from cosmetics, craft and even food! Can you relate to any of them? :)

In Beauty

[Challenge 1] Creating the prefect pair of "peacock style"

I utterly adore the blend of colors in this outlook! It may be a wee bit too dramatic for everyday use, but would be great to master for any upcoming formal dinners or extravagant ones :D

[Challenge 2] Master the art of "smokey eyes" in various shades of colors!

This is a difficult challenge that I am still struggling to accomplish. Somehow my smokey-eyes attempt all ended up being panda-eyes instead. This year I'm determined to get this right! And to add colorful sprinkles to the challenge, I'll attempt different shades of rainbow colors to the effect instead of the typical black/white or earthy colors! :D

[Challenge 3] Dramatic eyes!

Not exactly superbly hard, but requires some finesse in ensuring that one will not look like a giant eyeball or hairy monster! Eyelashes and eyeliner, that's tricky! Perhaps this will help me on my cosplay makeup ventures? Hmmm.....

Note: I may or may not apply these beauty challenge on a friend; it depends on one's availability and willingness to be my beauty assistant :)

In Craft and DIY

[Challenge 1] Magnet Cosmetic Board

I'll admit that I have far more cosmetics than I usually use, so why not an alternative method to store my cosmetics away? With this I can at least see what I have and will use it, rather than to leave it in my drawers to collect dust bunnies! :P

[Challenge 2] Dip Dye Shoes

Who says we can't create new looks for old shoes? :P I rarely wear canvas shoes, but this project is a definite must!

[Challenge 3] Nail Polish Jewelry

Nail polish and glass cabochons. Who knew? :P I'd love to make these customized beauties for my friends one day! Hahaha

In Food

[Challenge 1] Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Bites

I love looking for no-bake recipes! They're relatively easy to make, and are often the perfect finger food or dessert for parties! I'm definitely keeping my eye on this recipe and perhaps modify a couple of ingredients to my liking too!

[Challenge 2] Lembas Bread

Super duper perfect if I'm called to attend a TLOTR event or party! Perfect for TLOTR fans too :D I'd love to do it only because I'm a book geek who loves to attempt replicating stuff from novels that I had read hahahaha

[Challenge 3] Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes

Now I've been staring at this recipe for years. Perhaps it is time for me to challenge myself and get a start on making this one day, yes? Cheese, butter, and of course, potato. Yums!

In Health and Fitness

[Challenge 1] The Excuse-Proof Workout

I really should print this out.

[Challenge 2] Finger and Wrist Stretch Exercise

This needs to be practiced often as I am frequently in front of the laptop with a mouse and keyboard

[Challenge 3] Lazy Girl's Workout

Perfect for working out while watching TV! Hahahaha


So there you have it. 12 Challenges; 4 Categories. I hope to achieve these by the end of year 2014, or if possible, by mid-2014. Who knows what else I may end up adding up on my challenge list :P

Have you any challenges you wish to face and conquer in the year of 2014?

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