Monday, May 26, 2014

My Cooking Adventures

If you've been  stalking following my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for the past month, you will probably realize that I've been actively posting food recipes/homemade lunchboxes in the month of May.


Well for starters, it's relatively cheaper to pack food from home (healthier too, since you have the final say in total nutrition/not-so-healthy add ons in your food) and I've always love the challenge to cook and pack simple food stuff for office.

Remember my microwave recipes? That was conjured up due to the lack of space (and availability) of my poor kitchen at home (pipes decided to go haywire on us). But even so, having these recipes in handy is excellent for office noms, especially impromptu ones (one of the benefits of having a supermarket nearby).

But anyway, what pushed me further to constantly brainstorm for new simple recipes (or recipes that I can easily follow and modify) is Jewelpie's #LunchboxMonday challenge.

What's the challenge about?

Malaysians eat out a lot. We cook less at home and have abandoned the habit of bringing our own food to school or to work. JewelPie wants to change that phenomena and bring back the culture of packing our own lunches. Together with 1M4U, we are supporting the ‘Lunchbox Monday campaign’. Every Monday, we encourage you to pack homemade food to your office! ~Sara from Jewelpie
The packing tools I was given to work with:

Photo Credit to Jewelpie

Link to the original article: LunchboxMonday Challenge

So what was cooked up so far?

In no particular order, the food stuff that I have concocted so far are as below:

Poached egg (microwave) with beef salami on a toasted bread

Cream of Tomato with pasta and vegetables (microwave)

Homemade lamb burger patties with mashed potatoes & a side salad

German Lamb Stew with a side of citrus salad

Cocoa Nutty pancakes with maple syrup

Homemade mutton  meatloaf with a side salad 

No-Bake peanut butter cocoa oatmeal bites (perfect for breakfast)

Home cooked ABC soup with shell pasta

Quinoa with minced mutton and vegetables

A full version of my #LunchboxMonday with ABC soup and mutton-quinoa

Tomato pasta with chicken meatloaf (microwave recipe, both)

Porridge pancakes with a side of English Breakfast sausages (Ayamas) with caramelized onions
And there you have it, irregular edited photos to its finest! Hahahaha :P

I haven't written down most of my recipes (I'm a lazy bugger who tends to "agak-agak" her recipe formula lol) but should there be more interest in my recipes, I'll be more than happy to share them as I move along :)

Mind you, most recipes are available online (a little Google and Pinterest helps) but I generally amend the ingredients/instructions to my own liking hahahaha ;)

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